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HerkuleX DRS-0101 Smart Robot Servo

Product Code : RB-Das-05


Input voltage: 7.4V DC
Stall torque: 12kgf.cm@7.4V
Maximum speed: 0.166s/60°@7.4V
Operating angle: 320°

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Input voltage: 7.4V DC
Stall torque: 12kgf.cm@7.4V
Maximum speed: 0.166s/60°@7.4V
Operating angle: 320°

The HerkuleX DRS-0101 Robot Servo is a state of the art modular smart servos incorporating motor, gear reducer, control circuitry and communications capability in one single package, capable of detecting and responding to internal changes in temperature and voltage supply. Once it receives a movement command, it automatically creates a trapezoidal type speed profile like the diagram below to control the position. With the servo operating according to the acceleration/deceleration profile, it suppresses vibrations caused by the sudden acceleration and deceleration and increases the energy efficiency.

HerKuleX DRS-0101 Robot Servo - Click to Enlarge

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• Resolution: 0.325°
• Temperature: 0 to 85°c
• Feedback: position, speed, temperature, load, voltage etc.
• Control Algorithm: PID, feedforward, trapezoidal velocity profile, velocity override, torque saturator and offset Back to top


• Size: 45mm(W) x 24mm(D) x 31mm(H)
• Weight: 45g Back to top

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DSA10100002 Back to top

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Customer Reviews

Sometimes too complex for own good

Review by Eric

The servo generally points where I tell it to, but sometimes for unknown reasons it will start flashing red, indicating an error, but I won't know what is wrong and the servo will still move to a position. Getting the servo ID right was a bit frustrating because the documentation's not very clear about the default servo ID (253). Sometimes when it can't quite get to a position it'll just buzz. For all the annoying things though, it appears to accurately get to where I tell it, which is really the point.

(Posted on 5/4/15)