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  • chipKIT PGM Programmer/Debugger
    Review by Frédéric
    It works, it's cheaper than the PICkit (for 3.3V applications), what else is there to say?
    (Posted on 10/10/14)
  • Adafruit Thermocouple Amplifier
    Plug and Play
    Review by Daniel
    The unit was easy to interface and seem to be very accurate. There is no noise on the measures and the offset is close to non existent. The drivers were easy to use and allow multiple board to be used on any pin.
    (Posted on 10/7/14)
  • CAN-BUS Shield for Arduino
    CAN_BUS shield: VERY GOOD ***** AAA+++******
    Review by David
    Very good product, easy to use and flexible in software.
    VERYGOOD SELLER ********* AAA +++ ***********
    Fair Price, Fast Shipping, Safe Packet
    (Posted on 9/29/14)
  • Bus Pirate
    More functionality than I expected
    Review by David
    I bought the Bus Pirate for I2C development work but found it has some other very useful functions: it works as a digital frequency generator (1 kHz-4MHz) and logic analyzer (using SUMP software).
    (Posted on 9/3/14)
  • Terminal Shield for Arduino
    Good overall
    Review by Simon
    Great for cable organization for a final project without a breadboard. Only thing is that it hide the arduino board so you don't see the test LED and some of the pins. I saw terminal like this that comes in two piece wich would have been better in my opinion.
    (Posted on 8/22/14)
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