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  • Phidgets Sensor Interface Kit 8/8/8
    beyond expectations
    Review by acc-26325
    This software is beyond what I would expect for the price. A friend saw it and also bought it. Now we need a robot! Actually I have also purchased the Phidget 8/8/8 I/O board to help in logic circuit development.
    (Posted on 9/23/14)
  • PhidgetTemperatureSensor 4-Input USB Thermocouple Interface
    Works great
    Review by Edward
    I recently purchased this unit to test as an interface between my Diedrich IR3 coffee roaster and a PC, thus data logging the bean temp during the roast process, well it worked like a charm, was simple to connect and so far has been extremely accurate. The little plastic enclosure works great as well and ensures no dirt or grime will affect the board.
    (Posted on 5/8/14)
  • Phidgets 4 Channel USB to Analog Output
    Awesome Product
    Review by Frederik
    Really easy to use under LabView. Was a five minute job. Great Product!
    (Posted on 4/23/14)
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