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Kinova JACO Robot Manipulator (Research Edition)

Product Code : RB-Kin-01

• Unique manipulator development platform
• 6 degrees of freedom
• Carbon fiber structure
• Maximum payload of 1.5 kg
• Weight of 5.7 kg
• Easy to control
• API accessed via USB 2.0 connector
• Reach of 0.90m

About this product


• Unique manipulator development platform
• 6 degrees of freedom
• Carbon fiber structure
• Maximum payload of 1.5 kg
• Weight of 5.7 kg
• Easy to control
• API accessed via USB 2.0 connector
• Reach of 0.90m

The Kinova JACO™ Robot Manipulator (Research Edition), developed by Kinova at its state-of-the-art R&D department, is a revolutionary device designed for multiple professional applications. It is a leading product in a new generation of lightweight portable robotic tools that enables users to interact with their environment with complete safety, freedom, and effectiveness.

Kinova Technology JACO

The arm

JACO Research Edition moves smoothly and silently around 6 degrees offreedom with unlimited rotation on each axis. The axes are aluminumcompact actuator discs of a unique design. Each JACO robot arm consistsof 2 distinct sets of 3 identical, interchangeable, and easy-to-replaceCADs linked together by a ZIF (zero insertion force) cable. Its mainstructure, entirely made of carbon fibre, delivers optimal robustnessand durability as well as a cutting-edge look-and-feel. The arm ismounted on a standard aluminum extruded support structure that can beaffixed to almost any surface.

The JACO has a total weight of only 5.7kg. This allows a secure andesthetic fixation yo a mobile platform. Its maximum load is 1.5kg atmid-range and 1kg when fully extended, which is deal for liftingeveryday objects. It can move up to 15cm/s in cartesian movements and 8RPM in angular movement.

This manipulatoris also protected from water following IPX2 classification. Its carbonfibre structure makes it a product that is both extremely strong andlight-weight. The JACO has a reach of 90cm.

Powered by a 24Vbattery or a standard electrical plug, it consumes about the same energyas a light bulb. Its fluid and precise movements are almost completelysilent given its high quality components and precision assembly.

The gripper

The gripper consists of 3 underactuated fingers that can be individuallycontrolled. Their unique bi-injected plastic structure endows them withgreat flexibility and unrivalled grip. JACO Research Edition technologyallows the fingers to adjust to any object whatever its shape; as aresult, they can gently pick up an egg or firmly grasp a jar. Its hand, can easily and safely handle everyday objects.

Kinova Technology JACOT Robot Manipulator (Academic Edition)(Click to Enlarge)


JACO Research Edition can be controlled with a computer or Kinova's3-axis, 7-button joystick. Control is intuitive and allows users tonavigate using 3 different modes: translate, rotate, and grip. Also,Kinova's Intelligent Singularity Avoidance System always keeps JACOsafely away from unwanted locations. The arm is highly flexible and canadapt to all user needs. 


JACO Research Edition features an advanced application programming interface(API), enabling programmers to raise their experience to anotherlevel. The API, linked to the arm through a USB 2.0 connector, allowsprogrammers to configure advanced parameters and integrate the robot totheir own systems. In addition, JACO Research Edition can be controlledwith any one of many navigation systems, providing a broad range ofapplications from analyzing central system data to programming automatedpaths.

Available on Windows and Linux and accessed via USB, the API allows you to access a complete library of functions. With the API, you are able to navigate in a Cartesian or Angular mode, moreover, you can also configure your own control interface.

Kinova JACO Robot Manipulator (Research Edition)- Click to Enlarge


With its ease of use and complete bank of API functions, students tolearn about robotics and actively carry out robotics projects withouthaving to be spectators of caged robots.

Kinova JACOT Robot Manipulator (Research Edition)
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What's Included

• JACO arm
• Base + gripper
• 3 axis joystick
• JACOSoft and API with documentation and code examples
• USB Cable
• Power supply
• NANUK Rigid transportation suitcase Back to top


• Total weight: 5Kg
• Maximum Load: 1.5kg
• Reach: 90cm
• Back drivable when shutdown
• Zero backlash on axis
• Finger force limited to 7N (1.54  lbf )
• Flexible fingers for durability
• Absolute position tolerance: 8 mm
• Relative position tolerance: 1.6 mm
• Maximum linear arm speed: 15 cm/s
• Maximum joint rotation speed: 8 rpm
• Average joint torque: 30 N.m
• Ambient temperature from 0°C  to 30°C
• Water resistance (IPX2 rating)

• 2 connectors for expansion cards
• 100 Hz control system
• 1 Mb/s CANBUS
• [x,y,z] Accelerometer

• Input Power
  - Voltage: 24V ± 20% DC
  - Current: 1.7A in normal use,  10A max (less than 15 seconds)
• Output Power (controller port)
  - Voltage: 24V ± 20% DC
  - Current: 1.5A continuous (3A less than 2 seconds)

• Each axis controlled independently
• Redundant security on each axis / fingers
• Redundant error check in joints and in control system
• Position and error calculation every 0.01 second
• Automatic recovery on system fault

Software and API
• USB 2.0 connector
  - Control interface
  - Configuration
  - Diagnostic tools
  - Development tools
  - And many more

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