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  • Lawnbott Disturb Filter

    Lawnbott Disturb Filter

    Product Code : RB-Zuc-12

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    Gets rid of unwanted interference with home appliances (ex: Radio)
    Limits the Lawnbott frequency range
    Connects directly to your Lawnbott's sinusoidal transmitter

    This KA Lawnbott Disturb Filter can be used with all LawnBott robot mowers.

RobotShop Forced to Stop Selling and Supporting the Italian Lawnbott Robot Mower from Zuchetti Centro Systemi

Posted on January 18, 2013

By Mario Tremblay & filled under Lawn Mower, RobotShop.

For those who remember back to 2004, RobotShop was the first company within North America to offer the Zuchetti Ambrogio Evolution Robot Lawn Mower. Later in 2005, Kyodo America (KA) made an alliance with Zuchetti and became the head of distribution in North America, re-branding the robot as the “LawnBott.” Since then, RobotShop has been [...]
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Robot Lawn Mowers: More Than Your Usual Mower

Posted on February 22, 2012

By Coleman Benson & filled under Industry.

Are you looking for the best and most innovative lawn mower? Are you tired of using the ancient type of lawn mower that provides less performance than what you have expected while polluting the air around you? At RobotShop, you can almost find every kind of robot that you are looking for, including a variety [...]
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The LawnBott LB3500 can now handle the back yard, front yard, and both side yards as individual areas therefore, there is no problem if you have more than one area. The LawnBott LB3500 can tell when it has cut an entire area and ...
2008-04-25 12:18 by Jgendron
... in the center and is divided by the Driveway. The lawn is not pool table flat either. It's bumpy and has some dips and such. Would the KA Lawnbott LB3500 Robot Lawn Mower be albe to handle it. If it didn't finish the lawn would it recharge and go out again to finish, and how much of that special ...
2008-04-25 12:12 by RobotShop Customers
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