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Litter-Robot 2 Bubble Unit Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Gray Eco)

Product Code : RB-Ltr-19

RobotShop 5 Years Warranty
The Litter-Robot II Bubble Unit has more room for your cat
The most reliable & easy to use Self Cleaning Litter Box on the market
There is no rake mechanism that can jam or gum up
Completely safe for your cat
Gray (Eco) color

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About this product


RobotShop 5 Years Warranty
The Litter-Robot II Bubble Unit has more room for your cat
The most reliable & easy to use Self Cleaning Litter Box on the market
There is no rake mechanism that can jam or gum up
Completely safe for your cat
Gray (Eco) color

Litter-Robot II Bubble Unit Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Gray Eco)is clear 'Skylight/Bubble' type window mounted in Globe expands front to back depth by 3 inches and adds natural light to the litter chamber. Great for larger cats. Comes with a FREE LIP EXTENDER!

How does it work?

When your cat enters the litter chamber (globe) a weight activated sensor detects the presence of your cat. After 7 minutes a clean cycle starts with the slow rotation of the globe in a counter-clockwise direction. The rotation of the globe sifts and separates clumps from the clean litter (clumping litter) and deposits all waste in the large capacity drawer lined with a standard kitchen garbage bag. The globe then returns to its home position with a clean, level bed of litter ready for the next use.

Love your cat, but hate scooping the litter box?
The most reliable & easy to use Self Cleaning Litter Box on the market is guaranteed to leave you and your cat purring! The Litter Robot 2 is the automatic self cleaning cat litter box that really works. Your cat deserves a clean litter box and you can enjoy your freedom from that litter scooping chore. You can go on that business trip or take that mini-vacation without having to worry about your cat's litter box. The Litter Robot 2 Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box offers a large waste drawer that has enough capacity for several days. Emptying the drawer is now as easy as changing a kitchen garbage bag.

Reliable and Dependable - Patented Litter Sifting System
The Litter-Robot's patented litter sifting system cleans the litter gently, reliably and dependably, every time. There is no rake mechanism that can jam or gum up and that requires frequent cleaning. After all, you want a self cleaning litter box to make your life easier. And of course, the Litter-Robot is completely safe for your cat!

Litter-Robot 2 Bubble Unit Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Gray Eco)- Click to Enlarge

Easy Set Up & No Special Receptacles or Waste Bags
The globe and base unit come fully assembled and are very easy to set up. Just plug it in using the included 12 Volts AC adapter, and add litter, that's all. Say goodbye to those expensive special receptacles or waste bags, the Litter-Robot uses regular kitchen garbage bags

Works with any Clumping Litter
The Litter-Robot has been designed to work with various types of litter, not just the premium clumping clay litters. The sifting screen is suitable for both clumping, scoopable clay litters as well as for alternative litters such as Litter Pearls, Crystals or World's Best Cat Litter.

Built to Last
The Litter Robot is an appliance quality, automated self cleaning litter box designed to last the nine lives of your cat. Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. stands behind this litter box with an 18 month full warranty.

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Try the Litter Robot in your home for 90 days and experience what our satisfied customers already know: the Litter Robot is the self-cleaning litter box that really works. You are protected by the manufacturer's 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you or your cats are not fully satisfied with the Litter Robot, for any reason, just return the unit within 90 days after receipt for a refund of the purchase price (less actual incurred shipping cost).

*Shipping only available in North America

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What's Included

  • 1x Litter Robot II Standard Unit Fully Assembled
  • 1x Lip Extender (Comes Assembled to Globe)
  • 1x Carbon Filter
  • 3x Waste Drawer Liners
  • 1x 12 Volt DC Power Supply
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Return and Repack Instructions
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Dimensions: 29 in (H), 22 in (W), 24 in (D) Back to top


Automatic Litter Box Demonstration

The Litter-Robot in Action

Unboxing the Litter Robot

Setting up the Litter Robot

Avah & the Litter-Robot

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Supplier Product Code

LR2-EX-WS Gray Eco Back to top

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Customer Reviews

Good with minor issues

Review by Terence

No issues with delivery. Super easy to set up.

Only found two issues so far:
1) Our current wheat litter sticks to the bottom so I have to give it a quick scrape, then turn unit off&on to have it cycle out
2) either the sensor isn't tuned enough or my cats jump over the weight sensor while getting out, because there are little gifts that easily get cycled out when turned off&on

(Posted on 8/21/15)

God Sent

Review by Sue Ellen

oh my gosh thank you for posting all these answers to problems. my litter robot is 7 yrs old and I thought lightning may have hit the unit after a major storm and wrecked the unit, thanks to your guide all I did was carefully snap the safety line as diagrammed in your guide and it now works!!!!! This has been a God send now that I have arthritis so bad, and I have back surgery coming up in September. So much easier to just clean out the tray and even when asking friends to help,they don’t mind so much vs hunting for buried treasure.

(Posted on 8/21/15)

Worth the price

Review by tar_kumiko

Delivery was quick.
We've got 3 cats. They were a little bit scared, but only took a few days for all the cats to fully use it.
I have Ragdolls so the bubble perfectly accommodated for their larger size.
The cycles can be heard -- not too loud or silent
But cycle only takes a couple of minutes.
When we come home, we don't smell anything.
It will only smell like poo shortly after they use it.
I love not having to clean the litter boxes 2-3 times a day every day. I just have to change the bag about 1-2 times a week, approx. every 4 days.
We do keep an eye out for anything gross that accumulates anywhere in or out of the robot.
I did have to hose it down and dry it off before refilling it with all new litter about 4 weeks after purchase.
My cats do kick a little bit of the litter out, so that's annoying. I did buy a guard to prevent the litter from being kicked out however I believe I still need to buy a lip attachment in order to install the guard.
I know this is out of many people's budgets, but we love our cats not cleaning litter boxes. I think it is worth the purchase

(Posted on 8/20/15)

Love it

Review by stokesm

Excellent product, fast shipping!!! Love the Litter Robot!

(Posted on 7/30/15)


Review by elenarizea

I received the Litter-Robot two days after I ordered it and I am very satisfied with my purchase

(Posted on 7/15/15)


Review by Elena

It works nicely and it is easy to clean. My cat still worries when it starts moving but she has no problem using it. It is a great help and I regret not purchasing it earlier.

(Posted on 6/16/15)


Review by imeretoc

Très satisfait! Livraison en 2 jours , Fonctionne très bien et utilisé avec 3 chats .

(Posted on 5/27/15)

Works as promised

Review by Ulrike A.

My 2 cats, even though older, got used to it within 2 days. Not only do I not have to empty their litter box daily but also this litter robot eliminates any unpleasant odors because all collected litter is in a separate compartment. Thumbs up.

(Posted on 4/18/15)

My two cats and I love it

Review by Barbara

The unit was very easy to set up. I made a mistake at first--I had the unit turned off and other litter boxes available but as soon as I saw that the unit had been used I turned it on and removed the litter boxes. Big mistake. The cats stopped using the litter robot. So I put one of the boxes back, turned the litter robot off and started again. This is what I did:
(1) I kept cleaning their box regularly and gave them treats around the litter robot--on the step and on the lip at the opening. (2) A couple of days later, I bought "Litter Attract" cat litter and replaced the litter in the robot with the Litter Attract. I kept up the treats.(3) When I noticed the cats were really comfortable around the robot--even sticking their heads inside to look for treats, I decided to not clean their regular litter box--I let the waste pile up. And it did...but finally they started using the robot-it was still turned off. (4) I ran the clean cycle for 3 mornings and littered the area with treats. By the 3rd morning they would come running and try to climb into the box while it was turning (but of course it stopped). (5) Turned the robot on, removed the full litter box, and everything has been great since then. At first my cats kept setting the robot off looking for treats; and they would come running when they heard it going. It was funny.
The whole thing took about 2 weeks; my cats are about 3 yrs old and one of them is VERY skittish but even he learned to love his litter robot.

(Posted on 2/28/15)

Petite merveille

Review by Mélanie

Pour dire la vérité, mes trois chattes n'étaient pas convaincues de l'intérêt du Litter-Robot au départ... Elles ont mis presque trois semaines avant d'essayer cette litière. Mais depuis, c'est le bonheur! Elles adorent cette machine étrange qui donnent un spectacle son-et-lumière en s'auto-nettoyant (elles la regardent comme une télé). Mon chum et moi sommes enfin délivrés de la corvée quotidienne du pelletage de caca. On vide un sac par semaine, et voilà! Le Litter-Robot minimise les mauvaises odeurs dans notre petit appartement. S'il était un petit peu plus silencieux, il serait parfait.

(Posted on 2/8/15)


Review by Al

2 cats, digging it. Wife's happy, happy, happy! Happy wife, happy life. A bit pricey for a kitty shitter but, like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

(Posted on 12/31/14)

Amazing. My cat Hobbs thanks you.

Review by Calvin

I've had the robot almost 3 weeks now.

Back story. I have two cats. One has been toilet trained for over 10 years, and a new one. I finally gave up trying to train the new cat (Hobbs) after over a year of trying. I bought the Litter Robot because I may love the cats but I don't like dealing with litter. Hobbs was instantly fascinated by the turning dome with litter in it as I set it up. He jumped in and used it within 5 min of me putting it all together.

Both cats switched to the robot instantly once setup. They have been using it with no problems at all for the last 3 weeks since I got it.

Its well built. Looks like it will last for years and works perfectly every time it runs. With 2 cats, there is NO scooping and I dump it once a week.

Thank you. This is a great product.

(Posted on 10/28/14)

well designed, well built, easy to use, very useful

Review by Kenneth

Ordered this unit on a holiday Monday, arrived on the east coast on Wednesday. Typical RobotShop great service. Took only a few minutes to set up and load with litter, had to wait nearly an hour for the first cat to try it. We have seven adult cats and all use the machine. You can just imagine how much work this saves us. The machine is very well designed and appears to be well built. The noise level is very reasonable. It is incredibly easy to empty and we never have to do any extra scooping. We are actually considering a second unit for upstairs where we have a room set aside to isolate cats in heat or the occasional behaviour issue. Now if only there was a litter-robot for kittens under five pounds.

(Posted on 9/6/14)


Review by Cathy

We purchased the litter-robot bubble unit 10 days ago. We have two 7 month old Persian cats. They adopted the new litter instantly even if I left the old litter box out there for 2 days. The product works like a charm and isn't loud at all. It is big though so you have to plan where to put it before buying it. I also bought the step: very useful as the entrance of the litter is quite high. I bought the lip extender: the litter already has one so don't buy one it's a waste of money. I bought the fence: not useful as it blocks half of the already small entrance. I bought the seal and filter kit: there was already one in the unit so I'll have an extra one. This is perfect if you are tired of scooping. All I do is empty the drawer twice a week. It is especially worth the price if you have multiple cats. Now all I wish for is that the product has a long life expectancy because it is quite an investment...

(Posted on 7/15/14)

Excellent product

Review by David

This is a very well put together product and our cats adopted use of it immediately. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

(Posted on 4/29/14)

Two Words - Life Changing

Review by Ron

As it says in the heading, this purchase was Life Changing to my household!!

I am a single guy with 2 rescued cats and I have a very busy work and travel schedule, unfortunately for my fur kids, they always seemed to pay the price of all of that, by having a dirty litter box.

I have tried 2 different versions of the LittleMaid units and they were way more work then just scooping litter. They constantly jammed up and really just didn't work for my cats or me. Not to mention, you could always smell them.

The I found Litter-Robot and thought, WOW this could be the one. But honestly, the price tag scared me away for a long time. Until I ended up in the hospital and scooping was difficult when I got out, having just had surgery. So I dug deep and bought one online.

It arrived at my door and in less than 10 minutes, my Litter-Robot was operational!! I am not a handy type of person, but the assembly was a breeze.

I left the old littler box next to it, to make sure the "kids" had somewhere to go, if they were afraid of the new box. Within a half hour, both cats had gone inside and used the new box and NEVER went bad to their other box. So I was very lucky, no transition period. I threw the old litter box away the next day. In fact, the little girl cat, likes to use the box and sit outside until it cycles on, then she watches it rotate!! It's so cute. The unit is very quite, I hardly ever hear go on!!

Cleaning the waste up is a snap for me, so we are all loving it. I am so happy with it, I am telling everyone I know about.

It's clean, quite and simple to operate, but most of all the "kids" love using it. I highly recommend it, you won't be sorry!!

(Posted on 4/24/14)

best auto litter box ever

Review by shirley

I've used several different kinds. This one is the best because it only makes noise while cleaning the litter, has a large waste container, it manages the litter dust a bit better than others, cleans the litter better and has fewer operational issues than other types.

This is the second one I bought for a new cat.

(Posted on 4/17/14)

It work's!!

Review by ron-9903

I've only had the Robot Litterbox less than a week and it has changed our lives (mine and the my 2 cats). They loved it immediately and began using it. It was a snap to assemble out of the box. Easy to operate and most of all it WORKS!! I've tried several other mechanical litter boxes and none of them work like this!! I highly recommend it to anyone!!

(Posted on 4/16/14)

The best Litter Robot

Review by Kbandkids

We've owned 2 automatic litter boxes which were (very) noisy. When the unit was done cleaning, I still had to scoop! We couldn't be more satisfied with the Litter Robot! Not only is it quiet when cleaning, but it gets rid of all our cat's waste which means no more scooping for me! Not to mention the odour is contained and clean up is a snap with the ready to use bags.

(Posted on 4/1/14)