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The MostUseless Machine Kit

Product Code : RB-Sbo-90

Useless machine bundle
Ultimate in self-defeating
39300 Black acrylic ''Useless Box'' construction set
Metal hinges
Comes with ''crack warrantee''

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About this product


Useless machine bundle
Ultimate in self-defeating
39300 Black acrylic ''Useless Box'' construction set
Metal hinges
Comes with ''crack warrantee''

The MostUseless Machine Kit turns itself off when you turn it on. This is a full bundle to build your own, so you still have to supply your own tape, batteries, screwdriver, and instructions. The manufacturer has built it's own machine here with these parts, so the manufacturer is sure so can you.

The MostUseless Machine Kit- Click to Enlarge

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What's Included

• One 39300 Black acrylic "Useless Box" construction set (with nut/bolt hardware) with ''crack warrantee''
• One SWT8 DPDT toggle switch
• One SWT9 SPDT lever switch
• Two #2 mounting screws for SWT9
• One BHoldAA 2-AA battery pack
• One DSST (double sided sticky tape, for mounting the battery pack)
• 6'' hookup wire
• One GM4 gear motor
• Four "Little Rubber Feet" to protect your Useless machine from abrasive counter tops Back to top

Supplier Product Code

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Customer Reviews

Pointless, rather than useless!

Review by Andy

This was great fun for a father and son to complete together. A little light soldering, but mostly just fun. Loved it.

(Posted on 1/10/15)

Good instructions, good product

Review by Elisabeth

This is an excellent kit, and the directions are easy enough for even a novice at soldering to do. The pictures are very helpful for the most part, although for a few of them, it would be nice if they were a little clearer / had more detail.

If you're new at assembling things, the only thing to watch out for is when you're screwing the tiny screws for the hinges, lids, etc. If they aren't going in absolutely perfectly straight, they will be impossible to screw in. To avoid stripping the screw when this happens, screw it in via little twists, and the moment you feel more than ordinary resistance, loosen it up, adjust the angle, and try it again.

This box has been quite a conversation piece already, and is well worth it. Have fun building your own boxes!

(Posted on 10/7/14)

It's useless alright!

Review by Andrea

Let me start be saying that I am a novice to this sort of thing, the last time I had anything to do with electrical circuits was in elementary school, and I'd never soldered anything.
The manual was of limited usefulness to me, so I relied on online descriptions/videos to understand how to connect all the parts. The actual assembly went quite fast then, it took me maybe an hour, and the biggest chunk of time was spent on getting the quite small screws in place.
The box works perfectly, and the friend who it was gifted to couldn't stop laughing hysterically as he kept flipping the switch, so I'd say that went well!
Four stars overall because the instructions could be a tad better and because the box isn't very sturdy, I spent more time re-assembling it than assembling it.

(Posted on 9/15/14)

Hours of fun - Thanks

Review by Eric

Me and my little one have build this in Christmas Holidays, it was the most fun ever. They could not stop starting and starting it. Easy to assemble with the detailed instruction.

(Posted on 2/10/14)