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Multimeters & Component Testers

Multimeters measure voltage, current and more and are incredibly useful when it comes to helping you find an issue with your robot's electronics. Additional component testers are also available.

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  • Analog Discovery Design Kit
    nice product for fast prototyping
    Review by Martin
    This is a good product if you have to measure some signals. There is an interesting function allowing a frequency response plot. However, some function should be open source in order to write our home made function. I would appreciate it more if we can add VB and C++.
    (Posted on 10/29/14)
  • Pro Autorange Digital Multimeter (MS8217)
    Great little multimeter
    Review by DiyGuy
    This has a lot of features for such an economical meter. It has the AC/DC Volts and Amps that are a must and frequency, capacitance, diode check and temperature are nice extras.
    (Posted on 10/9/14)
  • HFP-25 Digital Servo Programmer & Tester
    Portable, Easy to Use.
    Review by Ruslan
    I used this to configure a 90 degree HS-5645MG into a 180 degree motor and adjust its middle and ends points.
    Very Portable, Lasts long on batteries, has many programming options.
    Very important investment if you work with digital servos.
    (Posted on 8/6/14)
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