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MyRobots Connect V1

Product Code : RB-Myr-01

Based on PIC18F67J60
Includes an XBee Module
Relays serial communication packets using the Open Serial Protocol
Programming port and GPIO pins available for Hackers

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About this product


Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway
Ideal to work with MyRobots.com
Relays serial communication packets using the Open Serial Protocol
Programming port and GPIO pins available for Hackers

The MyRobots Connect is a Serial-to-Ethernet gateway that connects directly to MyRobots. The MyRobots Connect is an Open-source Hardware (OSHW) module that uses a Microchip PIC18F67J60 to run a TCP-IP stack and communicate directly to the MyRobots Data Engine. It relays the serial commands received by an included XBee module using an Open Serial Protocol. You can use it to make your dull, "not-connected" devices "smart" and "connected" with minimum of effort!

It is easy to connect!

myrobots-connect- Click to Enlarge

MyRobots.com aims to connect all robots and intelligent devices to the Internet. Through the MyRobots App Store, we augment their capabilities so they can do more, enabling them to be remotely monitored and controlled. We strive to make cloud robotics a reality accessible to everyone and everything.

You can think of MyRobots as a social network for robots and smart objects (i.e. Facebook for robots). In the same way humans benefit from socializing, collaborating and sharing, robots can benefit from those interactions too by sharing their sensor information giving insight on their perspective of their current state.
- MyRobots.com

Based on PIC18F67J60
Includes an XBee Module

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What's Included

• MyRobots Connect Kit Contents
• MyRobots Connect main board
• Plastic Enclosure (assembled around the main board)
• Red Cat 6 Network Cable
• XBee module (installed on the MyRobots Connect main board)
• Wall Adapter Back to top


• 3.3V Operation
• 5V to 12V DC power input tolerance Back to top


• Case dimensions: 90 x 36 x 25 mm Back to top

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