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Neato Robotics XV Series Robot Vaccums

Neato Robotics robot vacuums have patented laser-guided technology that assures that this domestic robot cleans the entire floor, carefully avoiding furniture, walls and other objects methodically. They are designed to map rooms and to meticulously clean them on a daily basis; ensuring owners enjoy neater, healthier homes and more free time for themselves.

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  • Neato XV Signature Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Review by Peter
    We've had XV Signature Pro 8 days now. Vacuuming...great!. Scheduling is simple. Cleaning the XV is pretty simple. Docking is a bit of an issue. It has the 3 feet of open space in all directions...but in the 8 days we've had it...it has failed to dock twice. First time it stopped 2 inches away from the dock. Second time it stopped 1 foot away from the dock!?
    We have two other Neatos (XV12 with the pet brush) and have had similar problems.Not quite sure why they do this?!
    We have also used Roomba's (595's & 650's) for a year (just to compare) and the Roomba's have never failed to dock (for us anyway). I do think the XV Signature Pro is a better vacuum than the Roomba overall...just the occasional docking issue for the Neato is a bit of a pain.
    (Posted on 10/10/14)
  • Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Time saver
    Review by Markus
    The Neato Robovac saved my marriage
    (Posted on 9/23/14)
  • Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Amazed the cleaning ladies
    Review by Jacalyn
    Very happy. Everything was delivered timely with no problems, which were accessories for our vacuum. We absolutely love it. We have had it several years now and just now had to get new batteries. It goes right under our bed. We have some cleaning ladies that come twice a month and we had run the vacuum the day before they came and when they opened the door they said, "Oh, you got your carpet cleaned!" We said, "No, it was the robot vacuum cleaner. They were totally amazed. I have to say I have not ever regretted purchasing it. Just the coolest robot ever!
    (Posted on 8/27/14)
  • Neato XV-21 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    XV-21 rocks!
    Review by Helge
    I've had this three months, and it's awesome. I bought this to replace my XV-11, which just plain wore out. Neato's vacuuming robot is FAR superior to iRobot's Roomba, which is really just a sweeper. Looks like Neato's REALLY improved this unit. The ability to upgrade the firmware via USB is superb, and easy.
    (Posted on 7/24/14)
  • Neato XV-21 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Awsome cacumn cleaner that every house hose should have!
    Review by Denise
    Tim( the vac. robot that we have named) works perfectly every morning from his schedule without missing any spot. He goes back to charge himself every time he finishes each room. A very powerful, intelligent vac. cleaner that save me tremendous time to achieve the same result. the best investment I have ever made. For me, he works best with one room at a time in confine closed door to give him an exact perimeter. Between living room, kitchen and hall way that do not have doors as perimeter, I provide (2 lbs. weight) boxes as perimeter to separate each place (living room and kitchen) or anything similar as divider and never have to worry about any missing spot or unfurnishing work.
    (Posted on 5/26/14)
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Neato Botvac 80 Unboxing

Posted on May 16, 2014

By Julie Gendron & filled under Domestic, Vacuum.

We received our first batch of the new Neato Botvac 80. Unfortunately, they are now all gone and did not stay in our warehouse for very long. We are currently waiting on a new batch from Neato. But, for those who are wondering which robot vacuum to choose, we have unboxing pictures for you as [...]
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