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Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Product Code : RB-Nto-01


 RobotShop 5 Years Warranty
 Includes revolutionary robotics intelligence with laser-based vision and room mapping
 Thoroughly cleans debris and pet hair from carpets and floors
 Easily scheduled for daily cleanings
 Automatically returns to its recharging base and resumes cleaning where it left off
 Cleans the entire area methodically, entirely and every time

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About this product


RobotShop 5 Years Warranty
Includes revolutionary robotics intelligence with laser-based vision and room mapping
Thoroughly cleans debris and pet hair from carpets and floors
Easily scheduled for daily cleanings
Automatically returns to its recharging base and resumes cleaning where it left off
Cleans the entire area methodically, entirely and every time

The new Neato XV-11 Vacuum Cleaner includes revolutionary robotics intelligence that assures that this domestic robot cleans the entire floor, carefully avoiding furniture, walls and other objects. The Neato XV-11 is designed to meticulously clean floors on a daily basis; ensuring owners enjoy neater, healthier homes and more free time for themselves. Using its laser-based Room Positioning System (RPS) Technology, the new robot vacuum cleaner has a 360-degree view of a room, allowing it to map the most efficient cleaning path by analyzing walls, furniture, doorways and other obstacles up to four meters away. It avoids most obstacles that other robots can only detect by impact. Once it outlines the designated area, the Neato XV-11covers the perimeter first and then methodically cleans inside it using a back-and-forth pattern to ensure complete floor coverage.

Neato Home Technology Winner

The energy savings it conserves from its cleaning efficiency has been redirected to the world's most powerful robotic vacuum system. At the vacuum's core is a centrifugal compression impeller that follows jet engine airflow principles. It creates sustained high-powered suction, allowing the Neato XV-11 to thoroughly pick up dirt and debris with unprecedented cleaning performance.

The Neato XV-11 is a true vacuum that painstakingly cleans floors and carpets, which means high standards are not compromised. In fact, over time and with consistent use, Neato home cleaning robots are even more thorough than humans.

Some of the other innovative features and benefits of the Neato XV-11 all-floor vacuum cleaner include: 

Powerful cleaning system: At the vacuum's core is a centrifugal compression impeller that follows jet engine airflow principles. It creates sustained high-powered suction, allowing the Neato XV-11 to thoroughly pick up dirt and debris.

Scuff-free navigation: The robot's RPS technology constantly updates its internal map so it can accurately detect objects greater than four inches in height and carefully clean around them without damaging furniture and walls.

Self-docking to re-power: After completing its cleaning, it returns automatically to its base to re-charge itself. By utilizing the charging base, the robot is charged and ready to go when it's needed most.

Cleaning scheduler: With its easy-to-use interface, consumers can schedule the robot to clean every day, resulting in a more spotless home.

Smart design and large dirt bin: The robot vaccum cleaner's D-shape allows it to better clean the corners of a room compared to other circular-shaped robots. This industrial design also allows for a larger dirt bin (660cc or .69 quarts).

Low- profile access: The robot vacuum cleaners low profile (less than four inches high) allows it to clean under beds, sofas, and toe-kicks in the kitchen.

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What's Included

The Neato XV-11 Vacuum Cleaner Comes With:
• Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum
• Charging Base
• Power Cable
• Boundary Markers
• User Guide
• Quick Start Card
• 1 Extra Filter Back to top


• Robot Dimensions: 13" x 12.5" x 4"
• Package Dimensions: 15.5" x 15.5" x 10"
• Package Weight: 13 lbs Back to top

Supplier Product Code

945-0029 Back to top

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Customer Reviews

Time saver

Review by Markus

The Neato Robovac saved my marriage

(Posted on 9/23/14)

Amazed the cleaning ladies

Review by Jacalyn

Very happy. Everything was delivered timely with no problems, which were accessories for our vacuum. We absolutely love it. We have had it several years now and just now had to get new batteries. It goes right under our bed. We have some cleaning ladies that come twice a month and we had run the vacuum the day before they came and when they opened the door they said, "Oh, you got your carpet cleaned!" We said, "No, it was the robot vacuum cleaner. They were totally amazed. I have to say I have not ever regretted purchasing it. Just the coolest robot ever!

(Posted on 8/27/14)

Great robot vacuum!

Review by David

I very highly recommend the XV-21 to anybody looking for a robot vacuum. I believe that Neato worked out some of the kinks of the previous generation with this one. I am always disappointed when I see one of the other brands of robots bouncing around because the Neato robots visually map out the room, noting where doors and hallways are, then they progress in an orderly fashion. It is not only really cool to watch, but it ensures that the whole floor is cleaned.

(Posted on 4/26/14)


Review by emperingham

I bought the robot vacuum with the sweeper washer and I love love them,with the pair my floors have never been this clean, without getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing with a brush.

(Posted on 4/1/14)

Great for pet Lovers!!

Review by Pamela

I love my animals but the hair grrrr.. One dog and one cat can make quite a mess that is why I love my Neato, it is scheduled a few times a week while I am at work. It does the job for me. It does not go under the couch but at least I come home to clean floors :) I had bought the XV-11 when it was the only version so I eventually upgraded my Neato with Pet brushes and these really do a good job! Completely satisfied with this product. It never failed to do it's job.

(Posted on 2/10/14)