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Neato Servicing - Repairs

Product Code : RS-Nto-01

You buy at RobotShop, we support you.
VIP Repair for RobotShop Customers Only
Have your Neato professionally repaired
3 months warranty on the repair

About this product


You buy at RobotShop, we support you.

VIP Repair for RobotShop Customers Only
Have your Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner  professionally repaired
Return shipping included in North America
3 months warranty on the repair

We bring Robots back to life!T

The RobotShop Company, robotics at your serviceT, is there to help you with your domestic robot.

We must first examine the robot in order to identify the problem and determine if it is repairable or not. 

The cost of repair can vary according to the complexity of the problem and the value of the replacement parts. We optimize our repair process in order for the cost to remain between $50 to $200 (excluding possible battery or accessory replacements). If the repair surpasses these costs, we strongly suggest you purchase a new Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner . The cost of delivery for the return of your robot will be free in North America. We not only support North American clients, but also all throughout the world (additional shipping charges will apply: free for Canada and USA, to be determined for other countries). 

Iif you decide to purchase a new unit if the robot originally sent in for repair is un-repairable, you will be given $40 off your new purchase. This new unit can also be sold to you without the accessories if they are not required. Please note that if such a situation presents itself, we will keep the old unit and recycle the parts.

Our repair has a 90 day guarantee.

Note: If your robot is still under warranty, please contact us first to obtain an RMA number. You can do so using the support center, or by calling 1-866-627-3178. This repair service is for RobotShop customers ONLY. If you have purchased your robot elsewhere, DO NOT send your robot in for repairs - you will end up having to pay the shipping to send it back.

Procedure to follow in order to have your robot repaired:

1- Create a copy of your original invoice. If you do not have it or are unable to find it, we can send you a copy by fax or email. You may contact us for this through the support center or by phone at 1-866-627-3178.

2- Have your unit shipped to the RobotShop head office, with your invoice copy, and a note describing the problem(s) observed. It is also important to include the charger, the battery and the home base so that we may fully diagnose your robot's electrical system. Some tips to follow before shipping the robot:

Remember to empty the dust bin and/or filter and perform a cleaning of your robot before shipping.
Remove the battery from the robot.
Ship your robot in a sturdy box and use enough packaging material to prevent your robot from moving inside the box. It is preferable not to use peanuts.
Make sure to insure your package, we will insure the shipment back.

Please refer to the following addresses:

RobotShop Inc.
18005 Lapointe Building 305
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
J7J 0G2

RobotShop USA
555 VT Route 78, Suite 367
Swanton, VT

*Note This repair service is for RobotShop customers ONLY. If you have purchased your robot elsewhere, DO NOT send your robot in for repairs - you will end up having to pay the shipping to send it back. Also, for customers outside Canada or USA and customers not shipping to their own Country: If you do not indicate "REPAIR" and a value of 0$ on the export documents, any possible duties will be charged even after your final invoice.

3- A robotics specialist will contact you within five (5) business days following receipt of your robot in order to provide you with the results of the diagnostic and inform you of the repair cost.

4- Once you have made a decision, we will proceed with the repair of your robot within seven (7) business days. If you decide to not have the robot repaired and are not trading it in, a 25$ fee will be applied to cover the handling and return shipping.

5-Your robot will be sent back to you via Canada Post's accelerated parcel service for Canada and UPS for USA. Shipping is free in North America. For international customers, the cost of return shipping depends on your location.

6-You will receive your fully functional robot and you will once again enjoy the benefits of your domestic robot.

RobotShop is committed to offering you the best possible service. It is important to note that the domestic robot repair service is a world first and RobotShop, robotics at your serviceT, is a precursor in this field. The RobotShop Company invests in this direction in order to always better support its clients.

Do not hesitate to contact our robotics specialists if you have questions regarding the repair of your robot.

It will be a pleasure to serve you.

We bring Robots back to life!T

This is a RobotShop endorsed service. RobotShop is not affiliated with Neato Robotics for the repair of your robot. This service is not meant for warranty repair. Having your robot repaired by RobotShop will void any warranty still in effect with the manufacturer. RobotShop recommends this service after warranty.
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