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Oscilloscopes & Generators

Oscilloscopes and Generators are trusted with a variety of tasks such as signal production and analysis. They are widely used in electronics and robotics to perform troubleshooting since they allow you to view complex signals.

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  • S-1340 40MHz 2 channel Analog Oscilloscope
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    40MHz Bandwidth
    X, Y inputs
    up to 0.1us/DIV
    1mV/DIV Sensitivity.
    Variable Hold Off
    TV Sync.

    The Elenco S-1340 40MHz Analog Oscilloscope
    allows you to see a 2D graph of input (voltage, current, etc.) versus time. Oscilloscopes are used to obtain signal characteristics of electronic devices and are used for a variety of different applications such as testing or troubleshooting. All Elenco oscilloscopes are UL, CSA, TUV and GS approved. 

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