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Catgenie Robot Litter

The petnovations catgenie robot litter helps you automate a task that many consider quite unpleasant. Keep yourself and your cat happy and healthy with a cleaner enironment. You can also increase your and your pet's quality of life with our automatic pet feeders

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  • CatGenie 120 Self-Flushing Self Washing Cat Box (Tabby)
    Loves this machine
    Review by Shaun
    I would not allow cats in our house until we bought this item now we have 2 cats and no smell of cat litter anywhere. LOVE IT!!!
    (Posted on 8/4/14)
  • CatGenie 120 Self-Flushing Self Washing Cat Box (Tabby)
    changed my life
    Review by Marc-andre
    This is the single most amazing thing i could ever purchase for my cats (2 siameses and 1 savannah).

    the granules last about 2-3 months in auto-cat mode...

    personally, i prefer the unscent cartridge but i recommend trying both!
    (Posted on 6/28/14)
  • CatGenie 120 Self-Flushing Self Washing Cat Box (Tabby)
    Could not be more pleased
    Review by Garth
    I've had the CatGenie for over two weeks and my life is SO much better. The product works exactly as advertised, took me less than 15 minutes to install (with no tools required...even for the plumbing part), and is functioning perfectly.

    You can read a lot more detail, plus watch videos of a complete wash cycle, on my blog: preparedincanada.com

    The value this device has provided is far beyond the $300 cost.
    (Posted on 6/15/14)
  • CatGenie 120 Self-Flushing Self Washing Cat Box (Tabby)
    Arrived quickly, easy setup
    Review by JT
    The CatGenie arrived very quickly and took only 15 minutes to set up. The cleaning cycle worked well but I may have spooked the cat by showing him the new litter box while that was running. He hasn't used yet (only 2 days) but I will try some of the suggested methods. We bought the dome as well from reading all of the reviews and our cat is used to having a covered box. It is fairly large so I will have to move some things around in the laundry room so it is out of the way. I am excited for him to start using it so the stinky mess of traditional litter will be done with.
    (Posted on 5/20/14)
  • CatGenie 120 Self-Flushing Self Washing Cat Box (Tabby)
    Mostly problem-free
    Review by Richard
    Well this is my second CatGenie. The first one lasted about 3.5 years before it got wonky...I suspect that the motor got worn out but I never did figure out the issue.

    But it was worth it to me to get another one. I have two cats and after getting them acclimated to the CatGenie I have found it impossible to use any other cat litter method.

    Best for a basement setup.

    PROS: Easy setup. No muss, no fuss. Set and forget.

    CONS: Cats will track plastic pellets through house. You WILL have to do a stinky top to bottom cleaning about once a year as gunk (cat hair, etc) piles up.
    (Posted on 4/28/14)
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[quote] That's for the Catgenie 60, the new Catgenie 120 only requires to insert the cleaning cartridge 4 times a year and press start. I extensively Googled about the device because it seemed too good to be true and all the complaints ...
2010-09-05 16:37 by Dan_
... to the RobotShop community. Like all domestic robots , it is important to maintain and clean the catgenie. Customers that do have problems with clogging ... The robot litter that you choose will depend on your wants and needs. ...
2008-07-08 09:42 by Jgendron
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