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Pololu Low Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller 5A 1.5V-6V

Product Code : RB-Pol-16

Dual motor controller - 5A 1.5V-6V
Serial interface (TTL)

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Dual motor controller - 5A 1.5V-6V
Serial interface (TTL)

The Pololu Low Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller (DSMC) is designed specifically for high-performance, low-voltage toy motors that run on 1.5 - 6 V. Because they run at lower voltages, these motors have higher current requirements, making them difficult to control since most integrated motor drivers are designed either for low-current, low voltage motors (such as those in CD players or cameras) or for higher-voltage motors that run at 6 volts or more. With this latest motor controller, you can consider a whole new range of motors for your next high-performance robot.

Pololu Low Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller

Due to the unique design of the Pololu low-voltage motor controller, there is no minimum motor supply voltage, meaning that a motor can be run off of a single cell until it is completely discharged. In a typical application, two to five NiCad or Ni-MH cells can be used throughout their discharge cycle.

The motor controller can deliver up to 5 A continuously to each channel, without a heat sink, and like our other dual serial motor controllers, the two output channels can be coupled to deliver up to 10 A to a single load. Since many small Mabuchi motors (such as those used in the Tamiya gearboxes) have stall currents in the 2 - 4 A range, you can drive them to the limits of their performance.

In addition to the motor supply, the controller requires an independent 3.0 - 5.5 V logic supply, which can be higher or lower than the motor supply voltage. This can be useful if you have 3 V motors that you would like to run off of two or three cells but have 5V logic. If you do have a single supply that satisfies both requirements (which would typically mean 3 or 4 cells), the motor controller can be powered off of a single supply. Each motor has a corresponding pair of LEDs that light up without the motor supply to let you troubleshoot your code without your robot driving away.

The 9-pin module is pin-compatible and code-compatible with our micro dual serial motor controller (RB-Pol-05), making it easy to upgrade your existing robot to higher performance. The low-voltage motor controller shares all of the features of the micro dual serial motor controller except for coasting: setting speeds of 0 in forward or reverse will result in braking.
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