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Robot Pet Care

Robot pet care products help you take good care of your pets and simplify your life. With a cleaner environment using robot litter boxes and regular feedings using automatic pet feeders, your pet(s) will live longer and better.

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  • Litter Robot 2 Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box (Black)
    Best Investment
    Review by Michael
    Searched all over for a litter box that did the job and minimized my interaction with... the litter! The benefits of this box include: 1. Minimal upkeep and care of cleaning the litter 2. Easy disposal of the waste 3. Constantly clean litter environment for your kitties 4. Minimal scatter of litter with the optional fence 5. Reduces litter consumption 6. Restricts the odor issue and with a little fabric crystal and Arm & Hammer litter stuff added you would never even know there is a litter box in the bathroom 7. Cats find it fascinating when it does the cycle - safety features have been well thought out and prevent any harm 8.Rubber lining flexes to prevent residue sticking to the walls 9. Engineering has carefully considered the design to make the device functional and user friendly 10. Makes cat ownership a 100 times easier when it comes to litter maintenance - takes the owner off latrine duty. 11. While the opening size is a concern for larger cats, it does act as a preventative from the dog "appetizer" situation.
    Concerns: 1. Some cats may be intimidated by the cycling process - and getting them adapted to the transition 2. The interior is a bit snug for my big girl and she ends up turning around with her head poked out as she does her business 3. The cycling can be a tad noisy 4. If interrupted (cat pokes head in during the cycle) the safety sometimes results in the "red light" issue and does not continue the cycle again 5. The sensitivity adjustment is not very well designed and takes several trials/errors to find the appropriate setting. 6. Price is high for a litter box - albeit an amazing, fantastic investment 7. It is much larger than the average litter box and with the optional wood case (I bought this too) it does match my spa theme (teak wood) design - but takes up a good chunk of wall space footage. 8. Opening for cat is a bit small for larger kitties - my big gal just manages to squeeze her belly inside - especially when adding the optional fence to prevent scatter.
    All in all, the concerns are not really significant compared to the conveniences. Some of them have more to do with the owner/cat adjustment. While I have not had to contact customer support I like the fact they have a stellar reputation, the item is American made and the support is American. I also like the fact the company offers many replacement parts - this makes such a large investment much more worthwhile. I am about to adopt one of my cat's grown son - she is a retired show cat - and will likely buy a second "bubble" [as we call it] if we find the need. Ideally, because it is constantly cleaning we will not have to make this purchase - but I have become dependent upon the conveniences this has offered. Like the idea that if we vacation, I am not asking the sitter to do constant litter cleaning and therefore can expect them to spend more time cuddling my crew. Based on empirical research of this product, I expect many years of use and ultimately consider this to be a wise financial investment for my own convenience and for keeping my household smelling good - and my kitty crew having regularly cleaned litter boxes. Think this about says it all about this great product. BTW purchased this here and was pleased with the extra warranty, bonus lip and free shipping. It arrived quickly, communication was great and it is protected for 5 years! Take the plunge - you will be taking care of yourself in the process.
    (Posted on 10/24/14)
  • Sofa Scram Sonic Mat
    Works well
    Review by Jennifer
    I bought these mats to keep my two cats and one dog off my furniture. Mostly, it was for the dog because he sheds a lot and decided the chair in my living room was his personal window access. It only took the dog a couple tries to realize the furniture was now off limits, and a by-product of this was that the cats aren't going up on it either. This keeps fur on my furniture (and me) minimal.
    (Posted on 10/22/14)
  • Electronic Bird Feeder
    Review by Jason
    This bird feeder is a quiet, reliable timesaver.

    The feeder dispenses slowly and almost silently which is perfect for me as my cockatiel has a slightly nervous disposition.

    After just a couple of days it was as though it had always been there.

    Would not be without it now and I certainly recommend this product.
    (Posted on 10/10/14)
  • Automatic Filtered Pet Waterer (Large)
    Review by Kay 27
    This is my second purchase of auto dog water large. Love it and recommend to everyone
    (Posted on 9/23/14)
  • Litter-Robot 2 Bubble Unit Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Black)
    No more smells
    Review by Jonnyfaratro
    Works pretty good and solved the smell problems. Very satisfied.
    (Posted on 9/23/14)
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Pet information is necessary to care better our pets and it can only get by applying practically, that's why i am going to own a kitten pair.
2012-10-31 02:08 by Pam Silas
... a manufacturer of high end patented electronic pet feeding devices. RobotShop offers a large collection of household products for pet care such as automatic litters and robotic water and food distributors. This is a very promising ...
2008-04-21 10:10 by ForumAdmin
... by the manufacturers. You may communicate with RobotShop or directly with the manufacturer. RobotShop ... the Neato Robotics robot vacuums, some Pet Care Products such as the Litter-Robot and some Robot Floor ...
2007-03-30 14:08 by rb1
... Circa 1979. Taught myself 6502 assembly code to run on a Commodore PET. Learned Pascal in college. Pascal is really an excellent language in ... application in C++. As a SW Engineer, this was the peak of my career so far. Circa 2003. Learned the basics of Java, and worked on a team ...
2006-07-19 23:41 by saipan59
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