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Roomba 700 Series Accessories

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  • Dual Ultra-Soft Bumper for Roomba
    As adervertised
    Review by Louise G Preston
    I needed the bumpers because the Roomba was leaving black marks on my baseboards and furniture. They work beautifully, although I suspect the same result could be achieved by a couple of strips of Velcro, at a much lower cost, as this is pretty much what these are. However, they are already cut to size, so it’s quick and easy. The only comment is that I ruined one strip because the paper backing is so thin that I actually pulled off the sticky layer with it. So, be very careful when removing the paper backing. Otherwise, great product!
    (Posted on 9/16/14)
  • Roomba Battery NiMH 3500mAH  (500/600/700 Series)
    Review by Derek
    Great battery. Makes an old Roomba new again!!
    (Posted on 8/4/14)
  • Robot Add-Ons Ultra-Soft Bumper for Roomba
    Soft bumpers vastly improve Roomba utility
    Review by Jared
    This last order was to replace the previous soft bumper that wore out over the last couple of years. I repainted the baseboards and wanted to keep them looking new. The only issue was the difficulty of removing the old adhesive from the bumper. Some cleaver attachment system enhancing replacement would be a great idea. Velcro?
    (Posted on 6/25/14)
  • Roomba Battery NiMH 3500mAH  (500/600/700 Series)
    working well.
    Review by Harry
    The battery is working well. Charge does not last quite as long as the original battery but according to other comments the charge may increase over time. Will monitor and advise.
    (Posted on 6/11/14)
  • Dual Ultra-Soft Bumper for Roomba
    does save furniture
    Review by Harry
    The Soft Bumper does save furniture since Roomba can be a little agressive at times. Fit the unit perfectly.
    (Posted on 6/11/14)
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