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Need help or support with RobotShop products or the website? RobotShop is here for you. Choose the type of support you need to access the online help and contact us.

Sales Support

Consult our support center to:

  • Inquire about your order, shipping status and product availability.
  • Returns, repairs, exchanges and warranty issues.
  • New product suggestions.
  • Request quotes or special orders.
  • Access our growing FAQ.
  • We respond the same day (except weekends).
  • Receive a copy of all communications by email.

Technical Support

Consult the RobotShop Forum to:

  • Get help selecting the correct technology for your project.
  • Obtain first-level technical support for RobotShop products.
  • Share your projects, ideas and achievements with the robotics community.
  • Help others with their projects and technical issues.
Consult the RobotShop forum

Specialized Support

  • Manufacturers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Institutions
  • Accelerator Program
  • Private or Confidential Projects
Consult our support center

Return a Product

If you are not satisfied with a product you bought at RobotShop, for whatever reason, it is possible to return it for refund within 30 days of receipt (90 days for an exchange for another product or for an in-store credit).

Read the return policy

Consult our support center to return a product

5 Years Warranty

On a large selection of products

The RobotShop 5 Years Warranty is applicable on certain selected items only, such as all Robot Vacuums for example the iRobot Roomba robot vacuums, the Neato Robotics robot vacuums, some Pet Care Products such as the Litter-Robot and some Robot Floor Cleaners . This warranty is applicable for a normal non-commercial use of these products only.

This warranty is supported directly by the RobotShop Robot Repair Center. If a product is covered by the RobotShop 5 Years Warranty, it will be indicated in the product description.

For products that do not come with our 5 years warranty, the warranty conditions are those offered by the manufacturers. You may communicate with RobotShop or directly with the manufacturer. RobotShop is a reseller of many products and the warranty period varies according to the manufacturer and product purchased.

Read our warranty policy

Robot Repair Center / Robot Hospital

At RobotShop we care about your robots. You buy at RobotShop, we support you with our robot repair center. We bring Robots back to life!

Our robot repair services are offered as VIP services to RobotShop customers only. We repair a variety of robots including domestic robots that have been purchased with us. If your robot is still under warranty and was purchased at RobotShop, please contact us via our support center.

Your robot is no longer under warranty? Don’t worry. Visit our repair center for more information on the products that we repair and instructions on how to send us your robot for repair.

If you have purchased your robot elsewhere, please contact the store where it was purchased from or the manufacturer of your product.

Visit the Robot Repair Center

Free Shipping

RobotShop offers free shipping for all orders over $200 which are shipped everywhere within the USA. Packages are delivered through UPS ground within 1-6 days depending on the destination. Other shipping options are available.

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Robot App Developers

MyRobots.com aims to connect all robots and intelligent devices to the Internet. We augment their capabilities so they can do more, enabling them to be remotely monitored and controlled. We strive to make cloud robotics a reality accessible to everyone and everything. You can think of MyRobots as a social network for robots and smart objects (i.e. Facebook for robots). In the same way humans benefit from socializing, collaborating and sharing, robots can benefit from those interactions too by sharing their sensor information giving insight on their perspective of their current state.

Visit the MyRobots website

RobotShop accelerator

We help inventers commercialize their products.

With our excellent visibility and worldwide appeal, RobotShop is without a doubt the best partner for commercializing and distributing your robotic inventions. If you are an inventor and/or developer and have a patent and/or commercialization license from your university, following a Masters or PhD for example, but you lack the resources and know-how to bring your product to market, the RobotShop Technology Accelerator can help you. As the inventor, you could collect royalties on all sales and can focus on enjoying life and inventing new things. RobotShop is here for you and expedites what used to take years and thousands of dollars to make happen.

RobotShop Accelerator Details

Contact Customer Service

Opened Hours

Monday to Friday: 9 AM - 4 PM EST (Eastern Time Zone)

Phone Numbers

1-866-627-3178 Toll-free (in North America)
(Sales Department Only. Technical queries should be directed to the RobotShop Forum)

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