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Small / Micro UAVs

Micro UAVs are some of the smallest flying objects you'll see in the air. Some micro UAVs are remotely controlled, while others have cameras or can fly autonomously.

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  • Parrot Rolling Spider Robot (Blue)
    Fun Fun Fun
    Review by ant2ony
    I own many drones including the Parrot A.R Drone 2.0. I love these little flying robots from Parrot, flying them is so much fun. After receiving this Parrot MiniDrones Rolling Spider I was surprised of how small it is without the rolling wheel this mini drone fits in the palm of your hands. This done comes with the wheel detached but it took 5 seconds to assemble it however it may be a little tricky to clip it onto the drone and the manual is not very clear on this process but the videos online was very helpful, my recommendation is to watch the videos online to get familiar with the drone and to learn some tricks. I love the fact that this drone can be charged using a standard micro USB cable, The battery life may only be 8 minutes which is on the short side but after flying it for a while, 8 minutes is enough time to enjoy flying the drone. The drone is controlled using the Free Flight 3 app for both iOS and Android using bluetooth, even with bluetooth I could fly this drone around my house without any issue both indoors and outdoors even the connection stays strong I never lost bluetooth connection between my iPhone and the drone. The included camera on the drone is low resolution but a camera is not usually found on drones this small so this was a nice addition and takes decent enough photos and all you have to do is plug the drone into your computer to retrieve your photos. The best thing about this little drone is the app lets you customize how to control the drone by using your phones tilt function or touchscreen joystick and performing flips and rolling on walls and ceilings. I enjoyed using this drone while rolling on the ground it was so easy to control and performs like a small R/C car.
    (Posted on 10/21/14)
  • Hubsan X4 Mini QuadCopter
    Excellent product !
    Review by Roger
    Good control , excellent price/quality and great service fom robotshop , as usual !
    (Posted on 9/19/14)
  • Lynxmotion Hunter Mini Vtail Drone Kit (Hardware Only)
    Review by Bryan
    I love this frame! So damn good looking! Very well made and stiff, some screws are too short but nevermind, I changed some of them easily...
    The threads are in inches, be careful
    (Posted on 9/2/14)
  • Hubsan X4 Mini QuadCopter
    Very nice, works perfectly
    Review by Pascal
    Very nice to use, works perfectly indoor and outdoor
    Expert mode awesome, have a very long range and easy to calibrate
    (Posted on 8/20/14)
  • Hubsan X4 Mini QuadCopter
    Great first quadcopter!
    Review by BT
    Great price, sturdy design. Flying takes some practice, but easy to calibrate and manuever. Would buy again.
    (Posted on 8/19/14)
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How to Make a UAV – Lesson 1: Terminology

Posted on October 29, 2014

By Coleman Benson & filled under How To Make a Robot.

How to Make a UAV – Lesson 1: Terminology How to Make a UAV – Lesson 2: The Platform How to Make a UAV – Lesson 3: Choosing the right motor / prop / ESC / Battery How to Make a UAV – Lesson 4: Choose a flight controller How to Make a UAV – [...]
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UAV Flights / Restrictions / Suggestions

Posted on September 16, 2014

By Coleman Benson & filled under Drone, Industry, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Drones / UAVs are becoming very popular; the onboard flight controllers are increasingly intelligent and capable, prices for UAVs are dropping and people of all ages are becoming involved. Even small UAVs which fit in your hand can easily reach several hundred feet above the ground and the technology has quickly surpassed any regulations which [...]
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Arrival of the Mini UAVs / Drones

Posted on February 26, 2014

By Eric Nantel & filled under Drone, Toys.

RobotShop recently received the first shipment of several new Mini UAVs / Drones. Unlike many small R/C quadcopter kits on the market, these are RTF (Ready To Fly) models, so everything needed to fly is inside the box. Charge the battery, plug it in and take off. Two inexpensive models we tested recently allow you [...]
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Successful Unmanned Flight Test of F16

Posted on September 25, 2013

By Coleman Benson & filled under Military, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The term “Drone” is becoming more and more popular in everyday conversations due largely to its increased use in militaries around the world. Hobbyists have also jumped on board with the focus being on multi-rotor aircraft which are able to hover in place and be used for surveillance, but never really to add weapons. There [...]
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3D Robotics & the Maker Movement

Posted on July 05, 2013

By Coleman Benson & filled under Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

  RobotShop recently partnered with 3D Robotics / DIY Drones a manufacturer of open-source UAVs, founded in 2009 by Chris Anderson and Jordi Munoz. 3D robotics is popular for three main reasons: Their UAV flight controllers and software have been developed with the community and have evolved to the point where they are incredibly popular, [...]
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