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Smart Watches

Smart watches are watches with advanced technology that are enhanced beyond just timekeeping. They are intelligent and can be thought of as small wearable computers. There graphical displays can help with taking phone calls to playing music.

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Embrace Wearable Technology and Become a Cyborg!

Posted on June 19, 2014

By Mario Tremblay & filled under Industry, Wearable Technology.

  Even today‚Äôs young people have heard of Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, and his girlfriend, The Bionic Woman. After separate accidents, each of them was surgically repaired and enhanced by the government and they became secret agents. Steve Austin could run 60 miles per hour, had arms with the power of a [...]
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Mario Tremblay and Sandra Fradet from RobotShop: Founder interview

Posted on March 01, 2010

By Vincent Abry & filled under Uncategorized.

We decided today to share a little with our readers by presenting here the two key people behind the RobotShop company. RobotShop.com has existed for several years and is the leader in selling domestic robots and professional on the Internet. Feedback on lessons learned from the founders, Mario Tremblay and Sandra Fradet who agreed to [...]
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Build Your Own Underwater ROV For $250

Posted on September 02, 2007

By William Cox & filled under Industry, Underwater.

  Have you ever wanted to plumb the depths of your neighbors pond or swimming pool looking for lost treasure – cell phones, watches, … ? Well, thanks to the smart kids over at Carl Hayden High School (also check out their blog) you can now buy a ROV-in-a-Box Project Kit for a mere $250 [...]
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Uncovering Robotics – Robots Now

Posted on May 29, 1999

By William Cox & filled under Entertainment.

This article is a brief history of robotics. If the late 1980’s are viewed as the "death" of robotics, then certainly 1988 through about 1992 can be viewed as the "rebirth" of robotics into a stable industry. "From 1987-1992 orders [for robots] increased by 40%. Manufacturers worked hard to improve the robot’s reliability and usefulness. [...]
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