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Herbie the Mousebot (Blue)

Product Code : RB-Sbo-63

Herbie the Mousebot: Blue
Loves to chase flash light beams
Battery power: 9-volt
Requires tools and soldering

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 Herbie the Mousebot: Blue
Loves to chase flash light beams
Battery power: 9-volt
Requires tools and soldering

The Solarbotics Herbie the Mousebot (Blue) is a 9-volt battery-powered light-following robot that loves to chase flash light beams. This little robot is so quick, you have to run to keep up to it.

The Solarbotics Herbie the Mousebot has been enhanced with functional whisker and tail sensors, so it doesn't get stuck in corners or under obstacles while chasing around. If there are several Herbies in the same area, they can be even configured to chase each other.

Herbie the Mousebot (Blue)

It comes as a build-it-yourself kit that does not use any microprocessors or programming, all the parts and some excellent documentation will be supplied to put it together. The instructions contain many pictures and simple descriptions to make the building process easy and fun, especially for beginners. Free phone/email technical support to help you to complete your project will be provided.

The Solarbotics Herbie the Mousebot originally invented by Randy Sargent. It was built from spare parts as an entry for a robot competition. It is such an elegant, clever design using very few parts, it's been featured as a construction project in "MAKE" Magazine.

Herbie the Mousebot (Blue)

A portion of each sale is donated to the "KISS Institute for Practical Robotics", a not-for-profit organization that uses educational robotics programs to actively engage students in science, technology, engineering, math and project management. This is an organization Randy (Herbie's "Dad") is involved with.

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• Soldering Required: Yes
• Tools Required: Yes
• Kit Difficulty: 3.00/5
• Kit Completion Time: 2.00hrs Back to top


Herbie the MouseBot

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