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Vacuum Forming Machines

Vacuum forming machines are used to create thin shells out of plastic. Applications can include anything from moulds or blister packaging to lightweight robot body parts.

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  • Centroform EZFORM SV 1217-110V Tabletop Vacuum Forming Machine
    Very useful for students.
    Review by Marina
    The machine is very god. They enjoy to work with this machine. My recommendation is to add to the machine more tools, because it is not convenient for customers outside America to order oft additional tolls.
    (Posted on 4/24/14)
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How to Make a Robot – Lesson 8: Getting the Right Tools

Posted on June 27, 2011

By Coleman Benson & filled under How To Make a Robot.

Lessons Menu: Lesson 1 – Getting Started Lesson 2 - Choosing a Robotic Platform Lesson 3 - Making Sense of Actuators Lesson 4 - Understanding Microcontrollers Lesson 5 - Choosing a Motor Controller Lesson 6 – Controlling your Robot Lesson 7 - Using Sensors Lesson 8 - Getting the Right Tools Lesson 9 - Assembling a Robot Lesson 10 - Programming a Robot At this stage, [...]
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... nailed, riveted, glued, and thermoformed. Forming may be done on conventional forming machines. Because this material is not hydroscopic, it needs ... PVC give good results. Forming - can be thermoformed, vacuum formed, or heat bent in a far shorter time than most ...
2010-11-08 10:48 by innerbreed
That might be a good alternative, vacuum forming is relatively simple and inexpensive. There are several companies who offer very affordable machines or I've built them using inexpensive household items.

2006-03-06 21:49 by tinman1
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