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A4WD1 robot

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Posted: 2007-11-22 21:26 
 Post subject: A4WD1 robot

I've had to order these as the yellow 4WD1 robot has been discontinued. However, I need to confirm the compatibility of this robot with the motor controller board i've already got, which is the Scorpion HX. Hopefully it will be compatible? I'll be using 7.4 V battery pack.


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Posted: 2007-11-24 01:53 
 Post subject: Re: A4WD1 robot

I believe that the A4WD1 robot comes with the new 12vdc motors unless you secify a different voltage motor.

My A4WD1 came with the 12vdc motors and I am using two 6vdc batteries in series to provide 12vdc for the motors.

I am also using a Sabertooth 2X10 R/C motor controller in place of the Scorpion HX.

The Scorpion HX might not have enough current carrying capacity for the new 12vdc motors.

Just a thought.


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