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Alibre Design Standard Offer

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Posted: 2009-09-17 11:59 
Since getting back into 3D CAD with Alibre Design, I spotted an offer some here may be interested in, especially if you are using the current trial version. Alibre is offering, for a very short time only, Alibre Design Standard (the full version) for $99.00. This is a great time to upgrade to a full version of Alibre Design if you are currently using it for designing robots or anything else. I am not connected with Alibre other than as a very satisfied user.

This offer ends just 11 days from the date of this post.


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Posted: 2009-09-28 12:57 
I'm posting just to call more attention to this. Getting Alibre 11.2 for $100 is a fantastic deal, and a parametric 3D CAD modeling tool would be extremely useful to most robot building types. I've found even the free version extremely useful. The deal is stilling going on, but will end sometime today. Notes:
  • The $100 does NOT give access to the new v12 version that is coming out very soon. For that, you have to pay another ~$300 for 1/yr support....which is still a good deal. (For hobbiest types, I would think only important to have v12 if wanting official support for Windows 7. The v11.2 version is not official supported on Windows 7, although it seems to be working for me after some registry tweaks.)
  • If ordering, be sure to call and speak with sales staff. I found out the hard way that they can sometimes provide even better offers than is available online (such as additional addons for free or discounted prices.) (In my case, I received an E-mail a few hours after ordering that listed better incentives. I tried pleading my case, but it was too late.)
  • Don't feel obligated to order more than you need. (Like me. Buyer's remorse... I'm not sure I really needed that sheet metal option as I don't even own a brake. ...yet.) :lol:

Example render of project I'm working on attached.

File comment: Example Alibre rendering of project I'm working on.
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