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Building a Bashing Robotic Arm Need Advice

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Posted: 2013-02-17 13:00 

My idea is to use a 10'' Stroke, 22lb, High Speed Linear Actuator to build a robot arm that will be going into a fighting bot. My issue is that I'm fairly new to the electronic side of robotics. So the questions are: How or what do I use to control the cycle of the actuator? By this I mean I would like to have it set up to cycle out and in with the push of onone button. (you could say start button {cycle out-in} stop button {stops}) I hope that makes sense.

Next would be the issue of power. I'd like to have it set up for 110v power. I've seen the power supplies that are on the site but I'm not sure which would be appropriate.

Last I believe that I uderstand the idea of where stuff goes: Actuator-12v controller-power supply-plug?

Thanks in advance

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Posted: 2013-02-18 09:51 
Note that most linear actuators we offer are not intended for combat, nor do they move very fast (2" / second max). We'd suggest a DPDT (ON/OFF/REVERSE) switch which can handle the current. Just be sure to choose one with limit switches. This way the electronics are simple:
Wall adapter (AC to DC) -> DPDT Switch -> Linear Actuator

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