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Can't get code to upload

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Posted: 2012-04-04 21:59 
 Post subject: Can't get code to upload
I just got my rover and have been trying to get code to upload I have installed the com port drivers, it sees it as an arduino mega adk for some strange reason, and tried updating ftdi drivers and it still won't up load code what do Ido?:confused:

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Expert ( offline )
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Posted: 2012-04-05 11:57 
The ID of the Rover had been initially set as Mega ADK but that has no incidence on how it is programmed. You will simply need to install the proper drivers located in the drivers folder in the Arduino software package.

In the Arduino IDE simply select Arduino Uno and the code should compile and upload fine.

Carlos Asmat

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Rookie ( offline )
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Posted: 2012-04-05 19:28 
 Post subject: Now Bluetooth won't work
I got it to upload the wasd code and changed the baud rate but when I connect and press any of the wasd keys and enter nothing happens some times the serial monitor prints jibberish.
I have also tried hyper terminal same thing
Does the Bluetooth bee need to be in xbee slot 1?

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Admin ( offline )
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Posted: 2012-04-09 08:05 
First things first:
  1. Did you successfully operate the rover with the USB cable connected to the rover? If not, do that first, before proceeding with Bluetooth. The Rover needs to be physically connected to the computer via USB, and the Baud rate in Hyperterminal needs to match that used in the code.
  2. Next, ensure your computer has a Bluetooth connection (one is not supplied in the new kits because many people already have one) and plug the BT module into the rover; we encourage you to use XBee slot 1 because you still have access to the switch (this determines which XBee module is connected to the Tx/Rx pins).
  3. Ensure the switch is set to XBee1. Turn the rover on and pair with the BT module from the computer. The pairing code is 1234.
  4. Once you have paired with it, open Hypterminal, set the Baud rate to what was used in the code, try Xon / Xoff.
  5. You should be able to press the WASD keys to get the rover to move. If it does not, try Hardware.

Coleman Benson

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