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Connecting Wheels to Motors

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Posted: 2010-06-23 08:23 
Hi All

I'm new to this so please be gentle.

I have 2 motors (see attachment) which have a 11mm shaft and a 4mm keyway. I would like to connect the motors to the wheels I have purchased (see other attachment).

The wheels have the following specification:

Wheel size :- 2.5J x 8"

Wheel manufacture :-Mefro
Wheel colour :-white
No. of studs :-4
PCD :-4"
Center hole dia :-66mm
Stud holes Dia :-11mm
Offset :-0mm

Sorry, if I havent given enough information but I'm not too sure what else you may need.

Can anyone please advise on what would be the most effective and cheapest solution,

Thank you!!

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Admin ( offline )
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Posted: 2010-06-23 11:16 
Hi nickbungus

Welcome to the RobotShop Forum. Unfortunately we currently don't have a hub that would fit either the motor or the wheel you specified, and it is doubtful that one exists on the market. You would therefore need to make a custom hub either in one part or two. If you make it in two parts, you may be able to use a standard 11mm hub (which you might find online) and a custom (flat) peice with the right hole pattern for both the wheel and the hub. You may also want to consider offsetting the shaft and using sprocket/chain.

Hope this gives you some ideas,

Coleman Benson

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