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IK question for 6DOF biped scout

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Posted: 2010-06-17 10:38 
I have a fundamental and probably stupid question regarding IK for a walking robot with 6DOF legs. The question is where to start the chain.

My understanding is, that in order to bring one foot to all possible positions defined by (x,y,z) I actually have a chain of at least 9 degrees of freedom (as for the right leg to reach all positions from current stance, the two hip rotation joints + foot joint of the left leg need to be in the chain, too) Or even 12DOF if you want the full standing leg help the other leg reach more extreme positions.

Now, my limited understanding of under defined systems of equations tells me IK for 9DOF or more is probably not practically solvable because of too many possible solutions.

One idea I came up with was calculating a balancing solution for the the hips / standing foot servo and then use IK for the rest of the moving leg.

But what is the usual approach to have IK for 6DOF legs if there is any?


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