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Input Project RIOS Client in V.S.

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Rookie ( offline )
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Posted: 2009-12-02 16:04 
is there anyone how can tell me how i can program in my client to input a new project in RIOS.
I have already program myself a client for run my project.
Now, i wanna import a new project. Is for this handling also a simple way to program this?

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Guru ( offline )
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Posted: 2009-12-02 16:37 
Creating a new project is easy. Just click the + by the Project pull down in the Moves window.

Define client...

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Rookie ( offline )
Posts: 11
Posted: 2009-12-02 17:54 
my client works together with the play-function in RIOS.
a picture below.
this client only works when play-window of RIOS is showed.
but Add a new project, is in another window.
There is no info about this in the manual offcorse.
Maybe any one how know where RIOS save the imported Projects?

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Expert ( offline )
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Posted: 2009-12-02 19:07 

RIOS use DB4 database (*.dbf files) handled by BDE (Borland Database Engine)
But you should never modify these two files (moves.dbf and moves.MDX) which contains all projects
because if you change something in moves.dbf you must update the index file moves.MDX (using a database engine)

The best way to import a project in RIOS built with another software is not to try to take control on RIOS and make it build the project as a slave application.
You should try to build a csv file with your software (csv is an easy file format) then import it in RIOS with the "Project->import csv file" feature

see the manual page 18 for more about csv files, you should try to export a csv file from RIOS and open it (with Excel or notepad) to see what it looks like.
about the csv file an the "MOVEKIND" column :
0 means "X,Y and Z" so only the columns "XPOS", "YPOS" and "ZPOS" should be filled with a correct distance in centimeters
1 means "distance, Y and base" so only "DISTANCE", "YPOS" (both in centimeters) and "BASE" in degrees should be filled
2 means "joint move" so only the columns "BASE", "SHOULDER" and "ELBOW" should be filled with a correct angle in degrees
then fill "WRIST" value with a correct angle in degrees and add "SPEED" and "PAUSE" value

to know degrees range and distances limits, you should note them moving the arm using RIOS and it's coords and angles display
or export a project in csv containing some moves

Attention : XPOS YPOS AND ZPOS columns are RIOS X Y and Z DEFAULT axis, no matter if you have renamed the axis in RIOS
so you should use RIOS default coord system for this operation to avoid confusion

WARNING : before importing csv files in RIOS please close RIOS and backup these two files "moves.DBF" and "moves.MDX"
then when the file is imported, never try it for real, run RIOS with the robot off and connect using a virtual robot, try to play the project in the play window
and see what happen, if all is correct, close RIOS and run it with the robot on to test for real.

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Rookie ( offline )
Posts: 11
Posted: 2009-12-02 19:59 
thanks for your explination about the database.
All the things about the csv-file's i'm already know.
i wan't to program that, i just need to click 1 button, on my client,
a new project (csv-file) is usefull in RIOS.
so, i want the same result like in RIOS with the "Project->import csv file" feature
for example "<project:add('csv-file')>" <-- It's a gambling proposal

New ( offline )
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Posted: 2011-11-29 19:48 

is the format of the moves.dbf database known?
could you, please, post it so that we could use RIOS
for arm control without having to do the manual import?
or any other hints how this can be done from the software,
over sockets, or in any other way?



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