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Logitech Wireless PS2 Controller Decoded

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Posted: 2010-06-02 19:35 
I used a http://www.saleae.com logic analyzer to decode the output from a Logitech wireless PS2 controller.

The logitech controller comes with the controller and the receiver/transmitter unit that plugs into the PS2. I cut a wired controller cable, and spliced it to a lynxmotion PS2 adaptor cable (PS2 to header), in which I plugged the RX/TX module. I used the Saleae analyzer to look at the signals at the splice. After months (!) of trying to decode the signal, I realized that the signal is just SPI and I decoded it in one afternoon. (actually it was my friend Matt who said, "that sounds a lot like SPI, dude." FUFME.

Anyways, see the spreadsheets here:
http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key= ... utput=html

Easily add wireless to you project now! lots of chips have SPI modules built in, so you should be able to add this to your system easily. (The cable I got from lynxmotion makes it easy to plug in the RX/TX module. )


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Posted: 2010-06-02 20:06 
Nice work,

Yes all of the PS2 controllers talk with a semi-modified SPI interface. You can find more up on the site: http://store.curiousinventor.com/guides/PS2

The problem I have had in the past is that it does not appear to respond the same as some others do to commands that are sent to it. Such as to switch into analog mode. May have to dig my old one out and try it again.



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