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Looking for Funding

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Posted: 2009-03-16 21:12 
 Post subject: Looking for Funding
I would like to see who is interested in Donations as well as funding and grant money to build a 5/7-11 female (walking)/rolling Android. Direct Drive. Basic human D.o.f. I will look into Government Grants as well as funding and donations, to build the perfect Android Protocol Female for the household, nanny, teracher, aid, nurse.....Artificial intelligence using neural logistics : "Fuzzy logic". ( it is not that difficult to get them to walk, that is a lie.)

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Posted: 2009-03-16 21:18 
Two major projects up for funding/Grants/Donations.
1: A female walking/rolling Android "The Brexxa Project".
2: A starcruiser/Flying Saucer ( using V.T.O.L./hangar blades (quadro)/coanda effect.m (possible liquid nitrogen -hover power- and sound navigation/ beam technology/a.i. etc.)

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Posted: 2009-03-18 19:36 
Model scales....on the v.t.o.l.

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Posted: 2009-03-19 11:57 
 Post subject: Re: Looking for Funding
Obtaining funding can be difficult for inventors. It may be a good idea to prepare a project document outlining the potential for sales of the product you want to develop. You need to convince investors that there is money to be made with your inventions (return on investment) :)

Otherwise, for government grants, sometimes it is enough to prove you are advancing science in some way. Assuredly, lots of documentation is required. Your more recent posts appear to be keywords and not much information about your projects. Additional information would be helpful.

In some cases sponsorship can also be obtained.


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