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Lynxmotion Wireless PS2 controller won't connect to receiver

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Posted: 2011-03-13 17:19 
I have the lynxmotion wireless PS2 controller and it won't connect to the receiver. The green light on the receiver is solid and the red light is blinking. On the controller, the red light is blinking and the green light isn't lit up at all. I uploaded two photos of my wiring.

IMG_0400.JPG [ 1.75 MiB | Viewed 2621 times ]
IMG_0401.JPG [ 1.43 MiB | Viewed 2621 times ]
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Posted: 2011-03-13 17:43 
This is the code I'm using, if that has anything to do with it. It's on the lynxmotion website here: http://www.lynxmotion.com/images/html/build035.htm

'Work in progress!
LED con P0

;PS2 Controller / BotBoard I
;DAT con P4
;CMD con P5
;SEL con P6
;CLK con P7
;PS2 Controller / BotBoard II
DAT con P12
CMD con P13
SEL con P14
CLK con P15

temp1 var byte
index var byte
temp var byte(6)
cntr var byte
mode var byte

rhori var word
rvert var word
lhori var word
lvert var word
lservo var sword
rservo var sword
small var byte
large var byte

high CLK

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$1\8,$43\8,$0\8,$1\8,$0\8] ;Config Enable
high SEL

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$01\8,$44\8,$00\8,$01\8,$03\8,$00\8,$00\8,$00\8,$00\8] ;Set Mode and Fix(Analog
high SEL

pause 100

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$01\8,$4D\8,$00\8,$00\8,$01\8,$ff\8,$ff\8,$ff\8,$ff\8] ;Vibration Enable
high SEL

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$01\8,$4F\8,$00\8,$FF\8,$FF\8,$03\8,$00\8,$00\8,$00\8] ;Enable Pressure
high SEL

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$01\8,$43\8,$00\8,$00\8,$5A\8,$5A\8,$5A\8,$5A\8,$5A\8] ;Press_trans_start
high SEL

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$01\8,$43\8,$00\8,$00\8,$00\8,$00\8,$00\8,$00\8,$00\8] ;Config Exit
high SEL

' This section find the mode the PSX controller is in.

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$1\8]
shiftin DAT,CLK,FASTLSBPOST,[mode\8]
high SEL

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$1\8,$42\8]
for index = 0 to 2
shiftin DAT,CLK,FASTLSBPOST,[temp(index)\8]
high SEL

low SEL
shiftout CMD,CLK,FASTLSBPRE,[$1\8,$42\8,$0\8,small\8,large\8]
for index = 3 to 6
shiftin DAT,CLK,FASTLSBPOST,[temp(index)\8]
high SEL

' This section does the mixing for throttle steering on a diff steered vehicle.
rhori = (255 + temp(3))
rvert = (255 + temp(4))
lhori = (255 + temp(5))
lvert = (255 + temp(6))

lservo = 383 + ((lhori-383) + (lvert-383))
rservo = 383 + ((lvert-383) - (lhori-383))

if lservo < 255 then
lservo = 255
if lservo > 510 then
lservo = 510
if rservo < 255 then
rservo = 255
if rservo > 510 then
rservo = 510

lservo = 4 * (lservo - 383)
rservo = 4 * (rservo - 383)

' The following can be used as a debug to see the values of the joysticks and buttons.
' serout S_OUT,i57600,[13]
' for index = 1 to 6
' serout S_OUT,i57600,[" ",dec3 temp(index)\3]
' next

' serout S_OUT,i57600,[" ",dec3 rhori\3]
' serout S_OUT,i57600,[" ",dec3 rvert\3]

' serout S_OUT,i57600,[" LH ",dec3 lhori\3]
' serout S_OUT,i57600,[" LV ",dec3 lvert\3]
' serout S_OUT,i57600,[" LS ",sdec3 lservo\6]
' serout S_OUT,i57600,[" RS ",sdec3 rservo\6]

' The following code relates to the internal vibrator motors and is not used in this application.
small = 0 'temp(7)
large = 0 'temp(8)

' This section is where the servo style motor controller is directed.
servo 0, lservo, 1
servo 1, rservo, 1

goto main

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Veteran ( offline )
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Posted: 2011-03-13 18:01 
They are suppose to connect of you just supply 5V, whithout any more pins or code, so if they dosnt there are something wrong in the hardware ... sorry

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Rookie ( offline )
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Posted: 2011-03-13 18:49 
Would the wiring affect that at all? If it's getting power then it should connect regardless of its data connections to the board, right? So if it's getting power and not connecting, then it's probably a bad controller?

Rookie ( offline )
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Posted: 2011-03-13 18:50 
Oh. You said that exactly. Sorry.

Rookie ( offline )
Posts: 23
Posted: 2011-03-13 19:03 
It connected when I plugged it into my PS2.

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Guru ( offline )
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Posted: 2011-03-13 20:04 
Check your battery. Maybe you have enough power to lit the led but not enough to connect. Often a power problem.

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Expert ( offline )
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Posted: 2011-03-14 10:46 
Also check the jumper. Be sure that is is on 5V, not VS. The receiver needs 5 volts. If it has more or less, it may not connect properly.

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