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LynxTerm 2 Beta Testers NEEDED!!!

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Posted: 2011-09-13 16:48 
Here's the newest version I just finished.

The com port now scans ports 1 through 30 using a more efficient method.
The com port now supports a manual connect method by clicking the SSC mode button.
The Register, Hex SEQ, and 1500/0 buttons no longer work if an SSC-32 in not connected via the SSC mode.
The Register write and read functions now have working timeouts preventing the program from hanging.

Lynx Terminal.exe [1.69 MiB]
Downloaded 98 times

Devon Simmons, Former Programmer for Lynxmotion.
I can try to help, but I can only offer you my best effort.
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Posted: 2013-04-25 22:43 
How did you automatically get it to scan the ports? Is there any way you could upload that section? :wink:

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