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Mech Control Programming

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Posted: 2012-01-18 16:50 
 Post subject: Mech Control Programming
Hello, all!

I'm building a 12-servo quadruped to compete in Mech Warfare. The control scheme I have in mind is to have a USB PS2 controller (from Lynxmotion) be plugged into one port on my laptop, and to have an XBEE radio plugged into another. I know this may seem un-intuitive, but I'm planning to have an "autonomous mode" for the robot, with some remote machine-vision done on the laptop with Roborealm.

If anyone has the expertise to help me with this (i'm really a builder at heart, not a programmer) or a simpler solution, I would greatly appreciate your help. :)

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Posted: 2012-02-01 23:01 
Hi, I have a setup that uses 3 xbee's, 1 to ABBII, 1 to SSC32 and one connected to my PC. I can control the Hex with the LynxPS2 in the normal manner ( IE: wireless to the ABBII ) the ABBII talks to the SSC32 via XBee at the same time the wireless cam on the bot sends video to Robot Realm on my PC and the my PC sends data to the SSCII .The neat part is that the XBee's handle all the data flow and you can let Robot realm send data for pan,tilt or whatever. The way it's set up I can either use the PS2 or let Robot Realm run the bot. I haven't set up any override for either device so if you use the PS2 at the same time as Robot Realm on the same servo's then you get mixed data, you can use them both together if the PS2 is using, ,as an example 1 to 16, and Robot Realm is using 17 to 32.
At present my bot uses Robot Realm to Pan/Tilt the camera while I manually walk it around.

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