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Mode byte from Serial_CP_H3

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Posted: 2009-11-30 16:43 
I'm thinking of adding some direct "servo" commands to a 'quad version of the Phoenix code set up for serial.

I have the serial working, similar to the old PowerPod version of the code. But instead of just stuffing DualShock with simulated PS2 joystick data, I wish to parse SSC-32 servo commands, like "#3 P1500". This seems like a good way to be able to accept commands from the SEQ program, or LynxTerm. I basically know how to do all that.

What I'm looking for is the "mode" byte DualShock(0) that may be sent by the Serial_CP_H3 program. I'm guessing that SCP sends something. I'm hoping that it's different from the PS2! Maybe not. But if it is, it's a good way to detect a servo command instead of a PS2 command (and buffer would be longer). Or perhaps I can look for a '#' sent as the first byte. That might work too.

So what this starts to look like is another "pass through", but I'll do some processing on the servo commands first, and maybe save some of the data (offsets).

What would be really great is if SCP could generate servo commands its self! And then a little extra parsing like I've mentioned above would decode at the 'bot end.


Alan KM6VV



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