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new novel about a ROBOTICS engineer

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Posted: 2012-03-26 14:01 
Hello World!

I just wanted to let all you roboticists out there know that I wrote a novel about a robotics engineer who struggles to build and sell a humanoid robot in the marketplace. This engineer/entrepreneur is the main character...he is accompanied by three other characters who he meets in the course of the story. You can read more about it at the book's website: http://www.WarningMiracle.com. Have I actually built a humanoid robot myself? Basically no...! I'm still trying to perfect my DFRobot 4 Wheel Drive kit. But, I'm an Aerospace Engineer by training, so that helped me to write the book. Enjoy!



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Posted: 2012-04-02 13:34 
The novel is NOT available on Kindle right now...but it is available in print and electronic download versions at http://www.WarningMiracle.com



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