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Programming assistance for my new Mech please (PS2)

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Posted: 2010-05-18 15:47 
Vsions wrote:
Hi Innerbreed, any luck with that code? sorry to bug ya, I was just curious. Thanks

hi Vsions,
sorry for not getting back to you with any more code. iv been very busy. anyway, its still confused my as to why it would work my end and then all of a sudden not at yours.
i have added here the Pan program i used and implemented into your code.

for this code the servo is on P2 also please check your SSC32 connection as i know mine is different from yours.
it might be worth looking over it and go back to April13 code and then add the section again. good learning process.

im confounded by the problems you pointed out. strange. :oops: :shock:

Good luck.

i will get back to you once i have sat down in front of my setup and try and figure more out.
sorry pal. :wink:

pan and tilt code.bas [5.32 KiB]
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Posted: 2010-10-18 01:33 
Hi Innerbreed, I wanted to see if you or someone else could look over what Im doing real quick. I have modified the PS2ROV4.BAS code on the lynxmotion site to suite my needs. Everything seems to be working pretty well, but I have tried adding the same functionality to the right side but Im getting erratic results. Can you or someone else look it over to see what Im doing wrong? Thanks


robotv3_1.bas [11.71 KiB]
Downloaded 76 times
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