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    Default Order question, sorry if it is the wrong forum

    Hi there,

    Sorry if this is not the right place (feel free to remove/delete after answering)

    I'm trying to contact robotshop by email because we have a question on shipping.

    We are planning to place an order with you and we already have an UPS account.
    We would like to know if you can ship using our UPS account.

    Would be glad if someone can give us an email so we can arrange shipping by our UPS account and hopefully make paypal payment directly.

    Thanx for your help

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    Hi orderobot,

    Welcome to the RobotShop Forum. For order inquiries like that, you can use the Support Center, or write to us directly via:

    supportcenter [AT]

    In most instances we do not use a customer's UPS account, but we still encourage you to ask us via those two channels.

    Coleman Benson
    RobotShop Inc.
    Putting Robotics at your service!
    Visit us :

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