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    Default Buying the right thing to use bluetooth with Arduino Uno


    I started to play with an Arduino Uno not so long ago and a couple of sensors, motors, etc. I have been programming for a long time, but I am new to all this robotic / electronic thing. I would like to buy a bundle or something to send commands to my Arduino, using bluetooth. I just don't really understand what I should buy. I found these products, and I don't understand the difference, if someone could help me I would really appreciate :

    Sorry for not being really specific, but I would like to buy something I will be able to experiment with (ex. sending power to relays, controlling motors, etc.). Is Bluetooth the right technology for me ? If yes, what product should I look for ? What other technology would be usefull for me ?

    Thank you for your support.

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    RB-Ite-28 seems more appropriate to you needs since it connect directly to an Arduino module. Usually, for Bluetooth communication a BT serial port such as the ones you chose is used.

    For more range and easier communication (no need of paring the BT device to your computer), you could also use XBee modules. You will need a pair of them: one connected to your Arduino (e.g. using RB-Dfr-71) and one connected to your computer (e.g. using RB-Dfr-148). They would act as a serial port.

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