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total newbie question about DC motors

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Posted: 2012-04-06 15:50 
I am an art student working on a steam-punkish project that will require 5 motors that need to carry realatively little load. They will each be turning a rotary selector switch.

(I know that I can easily program sequenced switching with a microcontroller... but remember this art!...)

I would like the motors to have variable speed control. I know enough to realize I will be needing DC motors to accomplish this.

I would like the RPMs to range from 1 to about 100. When looking at the products listed on the site the RPMs are something crazy like 5200. I'm supposed that that once a load is put on these motors they will slow down. I am not sure though.

Can somebody point me to the appropriate dc motors? In summary, my needs are as follows:

- 5 DC motors with variable speed control ranging from about 1 rpm to about 100 rpm (it does not need to be exact)

- easy mountable

- they need to be able to carry a relatively light load... about the strength required to turn a radio knob.

- appropriate DC adapters so I can plug into a standard US power outlet. The piece will be displayed in a gallery so I do not want to have to change batteries all the time.

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Posted: 2012-04-09 08:12 
You need geared motors, though most only get you down to about 100rpm. To get down to 1rpm, you'll also need a motor controller. Consider something like the Tamiya Planetary Gearbox at a 400:1 gear ratio and an inexpensive motor controller. Note that you will need to supply 6V to the motor. You can connect these to a 6V wall adapter, though you may need several because of the current.

If you are only considering motion of less than 180 degrees (or less than 1260 degrees), consider a servo motor.

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Posted: 2012-04-09 11:09 
Thank you very much.


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