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When the PS2 wireless module stops working

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Posted: 2010-09-27 13:40 

Recently I had purchased the PS2 wireless controller w/wireless module and everything was working great. I was about to start testing my robot when the wireless module lights started flickering oddly(both green and red would flash on and off). I powered everything down, removed the wireless module and then turned my robot back on and started testing voltages, I am getting a good 5vdc voltage for the power that goes to the wireless module so no problem there. I tried hooking everything back up and all I get from the wireless module is a solid green light, nothing else(this is with the controller off). I even removed all the other wires except power and got the same result, just a solid green light.

In a pinch I bought a gamestop wireless controller w/module and hooked it up and it works perfectly, so it looks like in a pinch you can go with this controller.


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