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wiport board v3.0 question

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Posted: 2012-03-25 23:43 
Back in 2006 when I had more time I built the biped brat kit and I thought It would be nice to make it wireless so I bought the wiport board v3.0 (Don't remember why that board but maybe I just read somewhere that it's a good choice) OK i have to admit I know nothing about it and I don't know how I can make it to work
I also have the mini abb and ssc-32 boards as well .
On the wiport v3.0 board there's a power (3.3v-9v) and then and RJ45 and a mini usb port and also there are some holes on the board that nothing has been soldered to them (serial port 1 and serial port 2) I have attached a photo of my board,.
Are these boards still around or discontinued I never power this thing up and I don't even know if it works or not.
how do I connect this board to ssc-32 or mini abb board do I also need anything else to make my biped wireless.,
OK it was long time ago when I built the biped brat I don't quite remember why do I have 2 board mini abb and ssc-32 which one did I use?!
I would appreciate any help on this.

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