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Wireless Controller Working?

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Posted: 2010-12-07 17:04 
I have a new LynxMotion wireless PS2 that does not look like it is working. Should one or both of the LEDs on the controller light up when the switches on the back are moved to the on position? I tried 2 sets of new batteries.

Or I have to have working code to set up communication before the lights come on?

If anyone has set up the Wireless PS2 controller with an Arduino and has any tips or links it would be helpful.


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Posted: 2010-12-07 17:40 
Yes I have had the PS2 working fine with Arduino Megs. I used it on my port of the phoenix code to the Arduino mega. I used the PSX library code from: http://www.billporter.info

Normally if you supply power to the receiver it should show two lights. One solid and one blinking, until it connects with the transmitter.

The code for the PSx library enables the built-in weak pull-up resistors on the processor board. With some of my Lynxmotion receivers this has been enough. On others I ended up soldering in a pull-up resistor from +5v to the DAT line.

Good Luck


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