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RobotShop is proud to partner with to provide and extensive offering of metal and plastic construction materials. OnlineMetals offers an excellent selection of products at great prices with proven customer service. Shipping is handled by UPS and is fast and efficient to anywhere in the world. The RobotShop OnlineMetals Service Centers can be visited at the following links. Try them out, you will be impressed!

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Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals.

Surveyor SRV-1Q Blackfin Quad Motor Tracked Robot
Senix TSPC-21S-232 ToughSonic Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
P3 International P4920 Robotic Vacuum
RoboSavvy MechRC Humanoid Robot (Shadow Stalker)

• Internet controlled or programmable autonomous quad motor tracked robot
• Based on the 500MHz Analog Devices Blackfin BF537 processor
• Equipped with digital video camera, laser pointers for ranging and 802.11b/g wireless

• Ranges from 30.5 cm to 15.2m(50ft.)
• Ruggedized piezoelectric transducer
• 5 simultaneous outputs (analog voltage, sinking current, sourcing current, 2 x NPN/PNP) and RS-232 serial
• High resolution
• Dimensions: 60 mm diameter x 127 mm long (2.4 x 5 in.)

• Entry-level Robotic Vacuum
• Automatically determines cleaning pattern
• 45 minute battery life is ideal for any size room
• Includes rechargeable batteries and charger

• Fully assembled 17 degree of freedom humanoid robot
• Ready to use out of the box
• Controlled by a real-time IR remote
• Programmable (PC) and expandable
• Long-lasting LiPo battery pack

SuperDroid HD2 Robot Kit with WiFi Control and PTZ Camera
Vex HEXBUG Inchworm Robotic Creatures
Solarbotics Freeduino SB Microcontroller Kit
Zhichuan Electronics
ZCC211S-GMD Dual Axis
Digital Magnetic Compass

• Ready to use WiFi controlled robot
• Rugged aluminum frame
• Pan and tilt system with camera
• 3x additional pinhole cameras
• Special Order: One month lead time

• 4 legged black crawling bug
• 2 channel wireless (infrared) remote control included
• Change its direction; 7-way steering
• Each robot fits in your hand
• 4x AG13 Batteries included
• Also available in other colors

• Microcontroller kit with Mini-B USB connection
• Specialized Library functions for robotics
• It is intended for roboticists, artists, designers and hobbyists
• Includes Atmega168
• Soldering required

• Magnetic compass with 2 degree of resolution and 2 degrees of accuracy
• Outputs heading via RS-232 Serial
• Powered at 5VDC

Here is a sampling of On Sale products at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all products that are On Sale.

Netmedia LCD+ Serial Display
iRobot Kit Main and Rubber Brushes for Roomba
New Micros ServoPod Porgrammable Controller
Hagisonic AniBat UltraSonic Sensor HG-M40DAI

• 4 lines of 20 characters, English LCD module
• Multiple specialized functions for actuators and sensors
• Serial interface

• These two iRobot Roomba Brushes replace the main brush and the rubber beater brush.
• These brushes do not work on the first generation or 500 series Roombas.

• Programmable servo controller with 16-channel 12-bit A/D
• Controls up to 26 servos
• Serial (RS-232), CAN bus and JTAG interfaces

• Detectable range up to 4m
• Returns a positive TTL level signal proportional to range
• Specialized for robotic applications
• Directional response:  60-70 degrees vertical
• Directional response: 150 degrees horizontal

Microrobot Robo Jr. Line Tracer

Wow Wee Rovio Mobile Webcam
Rogue Robotics BLUE Robot Base
iRobot Self-Charging Home
Base for Roombaฎ 500 Series
Microrobot Robo Jr. Line Tracer
• WiFi equipped mobile robot with streaming audio and video
• Easily control Rovio remotely 24/7 from anywhere in the world!
• Manual control and autonomous waypoint navigation
• Advanced users will love the Rovio API
• Expandable modular robot construction platform
• 2 level, 8 inch round, expandable solid robot base with a height of ~3.5" (with 2 levels)
• 0.0625" aluminum powder-coated blue
• Big 3 inch wheels and powerful servo motors (111 oz-in)
• The base is stabilized using two Teflon skids to ride on
• Does not include a "robot brain"

• No need to worry about Roomba running out of steam in the middle of cleaning
• Recharges Roomba’s APS Battery in three hours
• Includes Home Base and Power Supply
• Compatible only with Roomba 500 Series robots

• Uses two infrared emitters along with two sensors to follow a dark line on a light background
• This line follower robot is perfect for school projects!
• Requires soldering and assembly
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