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NextGen Education And Research Robotics Summit
On March 10th, 2011 Robotics Trends will be hosting the NextGen Education & Research Robotics Virtual Summit. This year’s summit will focus on the use of robotics to accelerate learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among K-12 and college-level students. Of course, RobotShop will be attending and we would be very glad if you came by to visit us at our booth.

Update: Fill out our survey at our booth for a chance to win one of three DFRobotShop Rover kits!

Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals
Jazz Connect Telepresence Robot Botmill Axis 2.1 3D Printer Kit Tandar Animated Pet PoGa Portable Game Development Console (Kit)

• Easily interact with others from a remote location
• Perceives its surrounding with its embedded camera, speaker and microphone
• Controlled through office/remote location using a WiFi network
• Saves time and money

• Equipped with the latest and up-to-date top quality parts
• Sturdy and precise plastic pieces do not break or warp
• No drilling or sanding required
• All assembly instructions and dedicated support included

• Senses, speaks and calls to other Tandars
• Infrared sensor and high sound quality speaker
• Compatible with all platforms
• Rechargeable lithium battery

• Single chip, low cost educational game development platform
• 1.44" Display, 128xRGBx128 Resolution, 65K colour TFT-LCD and MicroSD card slot
• Comes in an easy to build kit form

Parallax Propeller C3 Microcontroller Husky A200 Unmanned Ground Vehicle Lynxmotion Vacuum Gripper Kit NanoMuscle NM706 Super Nano Linear Muscle Wire SMA Actuator

• Multicore propeller P8X32A-Q44 with 5.00 MHz socketed crystal
• 64 KB Propeller boot EEPROM
• Dual high-current 1.5 A, 3.3/5 V voltage regulators with heavy filtering
• Communication/Interface: USB, GPIO, microSD card

• Useful for industrial and military engineers, scientists and researchers
• Fully assembled and ready to use
• High-torque 4x4 differential drive system
• Compatible with LabVIEW, ROS, Player/Stage, and Python

• Compatible with AL5 series of robotic arms
• Pick up any small light object that has a smooth exterior finish
• Requires super-glue and common hand tools to construct
• Uses one servo channel

• Super memory metal actuator
• Comes housed in a plastic body section for easier mounting
• 0.16" of stroke with 2 oz. output force

Here is a sampling of deals offered by RobotShop. Feel free to browse all products that are On Sale
dASA ROBOT Genibo Robot Dog (Open Box) HUV Robotics Bioloid Foot Pressure Sensor Board Meccano Spykee Cell Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Robot Genesi EFIKA MX Open Client Micro Computer

• Open Box: Product like new, customer return
• The new generation of robot dog!
• Mischievous and charming personality
• Acts and reacts Autonomously or via Remote Control
• Does not like to have its sides touched
• Uses built-in tilt sensor for self righting

• Compatible with the CM-5 controller
• Comes for one foot of a biped robot
• Includes board, pressure sensors and necessary wiring

• Mobile Cell phone controlled robot
• Mini webcam and motorized tilting head
• Also acts as hands-free (built-in microphone and speakers)
• Not compatible with iPhone

• Massive price reduction!
• Freescale i.MX515 (ARM Cortex-A8 800MHz)
• 4GB Internal SSD
• Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and 100MBit Ethernet
• Includes a 12VDC 3A power supply

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