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Spring LawnBott Promotion!
Order any KA LawnBott Robot Mower before May 1st 2009 and have a chance of obtaining a rebate for the value
of the LawnBott Spyder!  Pre-Order your Spyder and have a chance of getting it for free!
KA LawnBott LB1200 Spyder Robot Lawn Mower

KA LawnBott LB1200 Spyder Robot Lawn Mower

The LawnBott Spyder is the world’s first robot mower to operate without a perimeter wire. Available at the end of April. Limited availability. Order Today!
• Powered by one lithium battery
• Designed for smaller yards, up to 5,500 sq. ft.
• Easy, just set it down, turn it on, and walk away!
• Rated slope usage of 27 degrees
• Lightweight at only 18 lbs.
The KA LawnBott LB1200 Spyder Robot Lawn Mower is the world's first robot mower that doesn't use a perimeter wire to operate. Patented sensors actually 'sense' when the LawnBott Spyder is over grass to cut, reversing direction when over walkways, curbs, patios and mulched areas.

Introducing the RB-100 RoBoard - The Heart of Robotics!

The RoBoard RB-100 Vortex86DX Single Board Computer is the heart of robotics making your robot more active and intelligent. This is not just a simple robot controller, but a truly computer based solution using a 32bit x86 CPU running at 1000MHz.

• Powerful Single Board Computer dedicated to robotics applications
• Based on the Vortex86DX, a 32bit x86 CPU running at 1000MHz with 256MB DRAM
• Compatible with Windows, Linux and DOS
• Open Source C++ Library for RoBoard's unique I/O functions (sensors, actuators, etc.)
• A perfect solution for Microsoft Robotics Studio development
• Tiny, only 96 x 56 mm!
RoBoard has rich I/O interfaces for servo motors, DC motors, sensors (gyroscopes, accelerometers and other devices). Also, it has 32 built-in PWM channels to control servo motors or other devices, 8 24-bit general purpose input/outputs, RS-232 serial, TTL serial, RS-485, USB V2.0 x 3, 8 channels of 10-bit Analog to Digital Conversion, SPI/I2C bus, Audio out & Microphone in, 10/100M LAN and Mini PCI socket for adding off-the-shelf Mini PCI components such as a wireless LAN card or video card.

Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals.

Mindsensors Infrared Distance Sensors for NXT
Robotis OLLO Kits
Hitec Robonova Gripper Kit (pair)
Mindsensors NXT 8 Channel Servo Controller

• Infrared rangefinder
• Provides reading directly in mm
• Uses Sharp sensors
• Uses I2C bus interface
• Maximum current consumption: 30mA at 4.7V


• Reconfigurable robotic kits targeted for children interested in science and technology
• Start Building small motorized robots with sensor feedback!

• Allows Robonova to throw a ball, grab a pen, hold on to ropes and more
• Includes 2 grippers (left/right) and 2 HSR-8498HB servo motors

• Control any RC servo motor with "1500 ΅S neutral" specifications using the NXT brick
• Use 90° or 180° or continuous rotation RC servos
• Standard RC Servo connectors
• Screw-in terminals for battery

Here is a sampling of deals offered by RobotShop. Feel free to browse
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Wow Wee Mr. Personality Robot Toy
Ugobe Pleo Autonomous Robot Life Form

Litter Robot 2 Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

Phidgets Starter Kit #1

• Entertainment robot stands 18.5” high
• Omnidirectional wheeled mobile base
• LCD screen displays face and more
• Animated arms, torso, head
• Expandable using software and SD card slot
• Offered in English only
• Ages: 8+

• Ugobe Pleo is fully autonomous
• Sensors enable Pleo to see, hear, feel and even dream!
• Pleo expresses a wide range of emotions e.g. excitement, fear, anger
• Biomechanical skeleton delivers smooth and natural organic movement
• Pleo is suitable for everyone, ages 8 and up

• The most reliable & easy to use Self Cleaning Litter Box on the market is guaranteed to leave you and your cat purring!
• There is no rake mechanism that can jam or gum up
• Completely safe for your cat
• Available in Black or Beige

• Bundle of the most popular Phidgets
• Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
• Includes: PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 with sensors, PhidgetRFID Kit and 1-Motor PhidgetServo Kit

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- Have on hand all major links to the RobotShop websites.
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- More to come…lots of surprises!

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