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Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals.

HUV Robotics Bioloid General I / O Board
Machine Science Three Wheel Aluminum Robot Base Kit (Gold) 
V1 Pictures Robot Adventures' Introduction to Robotics
WowWee Rovio 6V, 3000mAh NiMH Replacement Battery

• Helps your Bioloid robot connect to almost any analog sensor
• Includes 6 analog inputs (10 bit resolution on each)
• Also includes 4 general digital I/O pins
• Can drive one or two DC motors
• Compatible with the CM-5 controller

• Gold color aluminum robot base kit
• Provides an engaging introduction to the field of robotics
• Includes everything you need for the basic robot project
• Can be enhanced with the sensor and the remote control expansion packs (sold separately)

• V1 Pictures: Introduction to Robotics DVD format
• Contains educational content on robotics
• Stimulates youngsters to bring a new robotic revolution
• For ages 7+

• 6V, 3000mAh replacement battery
• Includes a deans ultra connector for high current applications
• Can also be used for other applications

SFE Cellular Shield for Arduino - SM5100B
Machine Science Custom Robot Fabrication Kit
Machine Science MP3 Player Module
Firgelli Technologies L12 Actuator 100mm for NXT

• Add SMS, GSM/GPRS, and TCP/IP functionalities to your Arduino-based project
• SPX29302 voltage regulator
• 5-pin, 0.1" spaced header
• Includes SM5100B cellular module
• Headers are not included
• RoHS compliant

• Design and build custom robot frames (no need for machine tools)
• Turn your Starter Kit into a custom-designed mobile robot
• Supported by extensive online tutorials

• Includes universal device-driver board with MP3 control firmware
• Lets you store files on a USB flash drive
• Helps you in scanning the contents of the drive
• Helps you in playing individual files or groups of files

• L12 Actuator 100mm
• Peak power point: 25N
• Move at 12mm/s unloaded
• Compatible with Lego Mindstormฎ, Power Functionsฎ and Technicฎ
• Self contained unit, includes an electric motor

Here is a sampling of deals offered by RobotShop. Feel free to browse
all products that are On Sale.

WowWee Alive Husky Pup
Lynxmotion Stomper Sumo Kit (no electronics)

Maxbotix XL-MaxSonar-AE4 High Performance Sonar Module

POB Technology POB BOT

• Animated, soft and cuddly plush seal pup toy
• Responds to affection with realistic baby animal sounds
• Ages 3 and up
• Requires 4 x "AA" batteries (Included)

• Powerful 6WD Sumo Rolling Chassis
• Bullet Proof Laser-cut Lexan
• Aluminum Reinforced Chassis Design
• Motor: 12vdc

• Ranges from 20 cm to 765 cm
• Serial (0-Vcc), Analog voltage or pulse width interfaces
• 1 cm resolution
• Small size allows for easy mounting
• Hardware gain of 250

Tracked programmable robot with vision capabilities
• Includes the POB-EYE V1, POB-LCD128, POB-PROTO, a tracked base and servo for camera panning
• No assembly required

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