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Since our last Newsletter, RobotShop has teamed up with 8 new suppliers:
Dagu Electronic, Vision One Pictures, HUV Robotics, Machine Science, Horizon, Hitechnic, Arimaz and Dr. Robot.
Check out their great products!

2010 RobotShop LawnBott Promotion

Order any KA LawnBott Robot Mower before August 31st 2010 and have a chance of obtaining a refund for the
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Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals.

Horizon FCT Renewable Energy Education Set 
Arimaz MyDeskFriend Pingo
Dr. Robot Jaguar Tracked Mobile Platform
Minoru 3D Webcam

• A modular experiment set designed to demonstrate the clean energy technology system
• Helps in constructing an entire miniature renewable energy system on a lab-scale
• Serves as an optimal tool for inspiration and education
• Comes with renewable energy educational CD
• For ages 12 and above

• Tiny, adorable, cute and playful
• Announces emails and messages from friends
• Responds to your voice commands
• Interacts with other Pingo owners through the Facebook app
• Features the switched on and off function
• Multi colored light eyes

• Especially designed for indoor and outdoor applications for extreme terrains
• Two synchronized articulated arms with 360° degree operation
• Fully 802.11G wireless connected
• Light weight with excellent payload capacity
• Autonomous navigation with indoor and outdoor GPS + IMU
• Climbing up 45° slope or stairs
• Speed: 0 - 3 Km/hr depending upon the nature of the terrain

• World's first commercial 3D webcam
• USB 2.0 High Speed 3D Webcam
• Can be used as a range sensor
• Compatible with Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
• Compatible with many video conferencing applications

Tamiya Looping Wind Power Generator 
65 Channel SUP500F 10Hz GPS Receiver
Dr. Robot X80SVP WiFi Mobile Development Platform (Pro Version)
Loke 0.2 to 35m Industrial Laser Rangefinder (WiFi)

• Special "loop wing" design secures high efficiency in power generation
• Double gear for light wind, and triple gear for strong wind
• Comes with a rechargeable vehicle
• Low-friction connectors to ensure smooth rotation by wind & efficient power generation

• Compact, all-in-one GPS module
• Operating input voltage: 3.0-5.5VDC
• Maximum update rate: 10Hz
• Performs 8 million time-frequency hypothesis testing per second
• RoHS compliant

• Two 12V motors with over 550oz.-inch( torque each
• Max speed of 0.75 m/sec
• 2.6x High resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom CCD Camera with two-way audio capability
• Battery: 12V 3700mAh with over 3 hours for nominal operation
• Designed for researchers developing advanced robots

• WiFi industrial laser rangefinder
• Wireless Lan version
• Opto-electronic distance measuring module for industrial application
• Measures distances with millimeter accuracy
• Built in a IP 66 housing
• Includes a special dust protection chamber

Here is a sampling of deals offered by RobotShop. Feel free to browse
all products that are On Sale.

Belrobotics ParcMow Robot Lawn Mower
Ugobe Pleo

Add-a-Motor Remote Controlled Umbrella Motor

Kondo A-621 Genex Body Suit for KHR-2HV

• Automatic self-recharging robot mower
• Operates for over 1 hour at 3km/hr (~2.5 acres)
• Powered by 2x NiCd 24V, 10Ah batteries
• Touch sensitive bumper
• Three “floating” cutting heads cover 65cm
• Weight: 36kg (80lbs)

• Ugobe Pleo is fully autonomous
• Sensors enable Pleo to see, hear, feel and even dream!
• Pleo expresses a wide range of emotions e.g. excitement, fear, anger
• Biomechanical skeleton delivers smooth and natural organic movement
• Pleo is suitable for everyone, ages 8 and up
• This is the older version of Pleo, but with upgraded battery and charger from Innvo labs
• Available while supplies last!

• Adds remote control to any patio umbrella in 30 minutes
• Open and close umbrella using handheld remote
• Weather-resistant components

• Improve the appearance of your Kondo KHR-2HV
• The A-621 Genex Body Suit is made of prepainted polycarbonate and plastic
• Requires Kondo Tub Feet (RB-Ixs-05) to securely fasten to the KHR-2HS's feet
• LED eyes not included

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