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Summer 2009 Aquaproducts Robot Pool Cleaner Promotion runs until July 31st 2009!
Order ANY Aquaproducts Robot Pool Cleaner before July 31st 2009 and have a chance of obtaining the dollar value of a
Aquabot Pool Cleaner Robot. Order your Aquabot Pool Rover or Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. Robot Pool Cleaner today
and have a chance of
getting it for free

First prize: Value of  the Aquabot Pool Rover
Second prize: Value of the
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr.



Congratulations to our Spring 2009 LawnBott Promotion winner Arthur Julich

 We are happy to announce that Mr. Arthur Julich from North Carolina got his free LawnBott Spyder and will be spending less time maintaining his lawn this summer and hopefully spending more time doing activities he truly enjoys.

Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals.

Meccano Spykee Cell Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Robot
Meccano Spykee Vox MP3 Player Robot
Robonica Roboni-i Programmable Remote Controlled Robot Starter Pack
Zhichuan Electronics Two-Axis Tilt Sensor Module

• Mobile Cell phone controlled robot
• Mini webcam and motorized tilting head
• Also acts as hands-free (built-in microphone and speakers)
• Compatible with many cell phone models
• Special effects (sound, lights and more)
• Not compatible with iPhone

• Mobile music playing robot (stereo sound)
• Control using voice recognition or infrared remote control
• Compatible with iPOD and other MP3 players*
• Not directly compatible with the iPhone
• LCD displays emotions and more
• Ages 8 and up

• Available Fall 2009 - Pre-Order today!
• Remote Control and programmable robot with “personality”
• Single player, multiplayer, online gaming and modifiable gameplay
• Includes many game accessories and customizable gameplay
• Sensors include Infrared and Light Sensors, RFID & more
• Unique two wheeled design
• Ages 8 and up

• 2 Axis tilt sensor
• ±45 degrees with 0.5 degree accuracy
• TTL Serial interface (ASCII or HEX formats)
• Compact size
• Also available fully enclosed in an alloy casing

Here is a sampling of deals offered by RobotShop. Feel free to browse
all products that are On Sale.

Ugobe Pleo Autonomous Robot Life Form
Netmedia LCD+ Serial Display

Inex Sound Smart Board

Microrobot Robo Jr. Line Tracer

• 1 Year Warranty valid with RobotShop
• Ugobe Pleo is fully autonomous
• Sensors enable Pleo to see, hear, feel and even dream!
• Pleo expresses a wide range of emotions e.g. excitement, fear, anger
• Biomechanical skeleton delivers smooth and natural organic movement
• Pleo is suitable for all ages 8 and up

• 4 lines of 20 characters, English LCD module
• Multiple specialized functions for actuators and sensors
• Serial interface

• Record and Playback up to 60 seconds of sound
• Switch for Record and Playback
• Onboard Microphone
• On-board audio amplifier with speaker output
• Operates with serial interface
• Record protection function from a microcontroller
• Inex Standard 3-pin PCB connector

• This line follower robot is perfect for school projects or summer camps!
• Uses two infrared emitters along with two sensors to follow a dark line on a light background
• Requires soldering and assembly

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