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RobotShop Accelerator for Inventors & Developers in Full Swing!
If you are an inventor and/or developer and have a patent and/or commercialization license from your university, following a Masters or PhD for example, but you lack the resources and know-how to bring your product to market, the RobotShop Technology Accelerator can help you. We are still seeking more inventors and developers to take advantage of the accelerator so do not hesitate to contact RobotShop with your inventions!

RobotShop is Hiring!
RobotShop is looking to fill many positions; are you interested in working for the world's foremost reseller of domestic and professional robot technology? Check out our open positions and apply today!
Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals
NeuroSky Mindwave EEG Sensor Microsoft Kinect Motion Capture Device Calliope iRobot Create Netbook Development Platform Kondo Robot Blaser Laser Beam Battle System

• Control things with your mind!
• Wireless and lightweight
• 8-hour AAA battery life
• Supports Windows and Mac OS X 10.5.8 / 10.6.x
• TGAM1 module with TGAT1 ASIC

• Originally created for full body gaming
• Can also use your voice to control
• Perfect for robotics and custom applications!

• iRobot create with battery and charger
• ASUS Eee 1000-series netbook
• Notebook mounting bracket
• USB-serial interface cable
• Ubuntu Linux and Tekkotsu pre-installed

• Experience robot gun combat
• Equips on the KHR-1HV
• Easily installed

Here is a sampling of deals offered by RobotShop. Feel free to browse all products that are On Sale
Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2L Personal Cleaning Robot White HUV Robotics Bioloid Foot Pressure Sensor Board IRobot ROOMBA Extra Air Filters CatGenie 60 Unscented SaniSolution SmartCartridge

• RobotShop Lifetime Warranty
• User friendly LCD panel displays unit operation status
• Automatically returns to its home base (included) for self-recharging when low on battery power
• 3 1/2 hours quick battery charging
Other CleanMate models are also on sale!

• Bioloid bus device
• Compatible with the CM-5 controller
• Includes board, pressure sensors and necessary wiring
• One kit is required for each robot foot

• Pack of three Roomba Air Filters
• Replacement Air Filters are designed for use with all iRobot Roomba Discovery series models (4XXX and 4XX)
• The filters for the 500 series Roomba are also on sale

• Unscented version
• Exclusively for cat-safe, hygienic cleaning of the Petnovations CatGenie 60 Self-Flushing Self Washing Cat Box (1 Cartridge good for 60 Cleanings)
• Decontaminates the Granules and cat box of germs and odors
• Not compatible with the new CatGenie 120

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